* When Lupine Wonse is so driven to madness by the dragon that he asks the ''head of the Assassins' Guild'' for help.
--> The assassin shivered. Why him? As far as he could see there was only one kind of help he was qualified to give, and very few people ever asked for it for themselves. [[MoodWhiplash In fact, they usually paid large sums for it to be given as a surprise present to other people.]] He wondered what was happening to Wonse that made any alternative seem better.
* The idea of having [[spoiler:a Dragon as a ruler]] is so absurd and terrifying as a metaphor for the absolute power of monarchy that all Sam Vimes could do is go LaughingMad. Even more disturbing is seeing the people of Ankh-Morpork slowly adjust to live under these circumstances, up to [[spoiler:accepting the necessity of HumanSacrifice. Vivat Draco!]].
* [[spoiler:The last moments of the Brethren.]] All of a sudden, [[spoiler:Death]] joins the conversation and nobody notices until it's too late.
-->“Brothers,” repeated Brother Watchtower, trying to re-assert himself, “we are all here, aren’t we?”
-->There was a worried chorus of agreement.
-->“Of course we are.”
-->“What’s the matter?”

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** Making the above worse is the build-up, with the rats fleeing and the sound of [[spoiler:the Dragon]] suddenly approaching. The ensuing damage is so bad that when [[spoiler:Brother Fingers]] returns to the headquarters his friends have been melted, and he is so traumatised that merely being asking if he wants a snack toasted makes him freak out and run into the Shades.
*** It is important to note the context: The snack in question is called a 'figgin'. The oaths taken by the Brethren, including Brother Fingers, state that betraying the Order will result in, among other things, having one's figgin removed and roasted on a spike (and yes, the oath was referring to the pastry, not that any of the brothers besides the leader knew that). Given that, it's no wonder he runs away: He thinks he's about to be tortured.
* The Dragon's first appearance has it briefly appear on the streets of Ankh-Morpork. Its first victim is an unfortunate thief who mistakes the noise for a mugging victim, jumps out behind the wall and is burned to ashes before he can even finish saying "OH SHIT".