[[caption-width-right:350: ''And it's over, AndIMustScream'']]
* "Blinding" is a song with a pleasant scream at the start of it. A weird animal squeak and people laughing. Unnerving to say the least.
* The syncopation in the piano in "Seven Devils" sounds like somebody playing bones, probably on purpose.
* "What The Water Gave Me" has a creepily sparse production and, you know, the suicide thing.
* "Kiss With A Fist"- just read the lyrics!
* "Drumming Song" as noted before for it's sounding and actions indicating insanity and or suicide.
* "Remain Nameless" is particularly creepy.
* "Never Let Me Go" is a typical Florence song, complete with its topic of drowning. However, the music video shows Florence melting into a sea monster in the end, with a warped screen, foam forming around her, black ink spewing down her chin, and her going from apathy to agony. It borders on TearJerker.
* "Hurricane Drunk" is an incredibly lovely, melodic song about someone left so distraught and despairing after a breakup that they intend to kill themself via alcohol poisoning.
* "Seven Devils", the title should be enough.
* "Girl with One Eye" - An UnreliableNarrator who's a rapist, and possibly a murderer, blaming the victim ''they'' abused. Claiming that the girl hurt the singer (rather than the other way around), and how their actions by [[EyeScream cutting out her eye]] are justified. Florence's version sounds crazed and angry, while the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hbU9RCfMtE original Ludes version]] sounds crazy and ''[[LyricalDissonance happy]]''!
* "Heavy in Your Arms" is possibly a song about a lover who murdered his significant other and then dragged her body to a river. Just take a look at the chorus!!!
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