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[[WMG: General]]

* Simply invoking the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2slBx0MfzHs Easter Egg]] won't [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou keep you safe]]. Leaving any of the first three games idle for about 5 minutes results in 'screensavers' appearing that creepily PaintingTheMedium.
* The [[CreepyDoll doll scares]] in all the games. The Manor of Sleep has a doll next to a regenerating Type-14 Film spot. Looking at the doll through the camera [[spoiler:causes it to look back at you]]. Something similar occurs with a mannequin in Kageri's room in the fourth game. [[spoiler:Except she quickly moves her head back, pretending she didn't do anything.]]
* Leaving the game un-paused for an extended amount of time may result in a JumpScare of a ghost appearing on-screen.

[[WMG: Fatal Frame I]]

* Read the cover of the American release: Based On A True Story! Well, [[BasedOnAGreatBigLie not really]], but the mansion in the game is based off of an actual mansion in Japan that is supposed to be haunted.
* The very concept of the Rope Shrine Maiden and her duty. [[spoiler:She is tied down to a stone altar by her wrist, ankles and neck; then the priests begin to savagely tear her apart, to ensure a continued seal on the Hell Gate in the mansion's basement.]]
* The audio tapes found are unsettling, despite the [[DullSurprise lacking voice acting]], simply because the robotic-sounding voices are so off.
** Tomoe Hirasaka's tapes do have a saving grace, however. Because she has a sixth sense and could already see ghosts, listening to her tapes carefully reveals their disembodied voices talking in the background. [[spoiler:The first one asks her to "save us"... And tapes 2 to 4 are all either cursing her or saying she's already doomed.]]
* What happened to the people who headed to Himuro Mansion; all ended up suffering horrible, gruesome deaths. And this includes the people who were in Himuro Mansion prior to the Calamity.
* During the Final Night, Miku can revisit the Abyss area and take a Hidden Ghost photo, which is labeled [[spoiler:"Kirie's Love". From the previous flashbacks in the game, we learn that the unnamed man the BigBad once loved looks like Miku's brother Mafuyu. Basically, the player gets to see the face of Miku's brother ''with blood dripping from his mouth and a vacant dead expression on his face.]]
* Broken Neck Woman, who haunts the mansion by floating backwards. But her head flops over and is constantly staring at you upside-down.
* Long Arms, because of his freakishly [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin long arms]]. He inhabits the mansion by shambling around in a crouched position and only lifts himself up for an attack. Then there are his victims...
** Crawling Girl. [[spoiler:She was pulled under the tatami in the Doll Room by Long Arms, who strangled her beneath the house.]] She now haunts the Doll Room, crawling on the floor and paralyzing the player with her scream.
** Girl In The Well. [[spoiler:Long Arms' second victim was pulled into the large stone well in the garden and drowned.]] Half of her body is horribly disfiguired and bloody from being dragged across stone.
** Boy Hiding. [[spoiler:Long Arms pulled him into the grandfather clock and strangled him.]]
* The Blind Demon, or simply "Blinded". [[spoiler:A sacrificial maiden that had the Blinding Mask put upon her. Said mask has ''spikes'' in the eyes that were forced through hers.]] She now roams the mansion screaming "[[EyeScream My eyes! My eyes!]]" and bleeding from the sockets.
* Lord Himuro. He's a sadistic samurai donning the Hannya Mask, who was driven insane by the Calamity and proceeded to slaughter and behead everyone in the manor, house guests and staff alike, before finally committing suicide out of guilt. And fighting him is just as horrifying, with his soulless eyes; the eery Hannya mask on his face; the four monks he sends after you and his way of attacking: unlike most ghosts, he doesn't try to grab you. He'll just cut you into ribbons with his katana.

[[WMG: Fatal Frame II]]

* Near the beginning, Mio is seen in profile and a hand places itself on her shoulder. Thinking it's Mayu, she puts her own on it to comfort her. And then Mayu walks past her. [[spoiler:But the hand is still there.]]
* Sae in her entirety! Her laughter is pure ParanoiaFuel, especially when you can hear her behind doors but can't ''see'' her. And it gets worse in the seventh chapter, where she is following Mio and tries to kill her.
* There's a small cutscene when Mio enters the Great Hall with Mayu partway through the game. [[SchmuckBait Go ahead, take a picture of Mayu after the scene]]. Unlike most pictures that mean nothing, hers remains for a bit. [[spoiler:Then it gets darker and you can see dozens of bloody, cut-up arms circling the edge of the picture and all of them are grabbing towards Mayu.]] Completely optional. Completely terrifying.
* Peeking Child and Armless Woman. The first is in the Kiryu place and [[spoiler:simply ''pops up'' in the small window in front of you]], when you were probably looking at that item beneath the window. The second because she comes after an almost inconspicuous dangling arm. [[spoiler:Approaching the dangling arm will have her flop down from above, her cut-up face in your full view.]]
* After beating the Osaka house and heading into the dressing room for the save point, the save point stops working right after you use it. That only happens when a ghost is nearby... then a woman's ghost slowly crawls out of the box in the room and you cannot leave, until she is defeated. On her own, already pretty creepy, but when this game came out ''Film/TheRing'' was still fresh in one's mind.
* Late in the game, you finally gain access to the storage shed where Itsuki is being held. [[spoiler:Upon entering, you see his lifeless body hanging from a noose. Inspecting the window from the inside of his cell, you'll see that it's been rusted shut and ''not been used, nor even opened'' in ages.]]
* In the Tachibana house, you can find what appears to be a figure wrapped in up in blankets and sitting upright. Mio wonders if it's the doll, but when you leave, you hear a distorted "Stay with me..."
** The Wii edition added something extra to it. There's an item to obtain at the thing's feet. Grab it [[spoiler:and the whole thing collapses]].
* The [[CreepyTwins Kiryu twins]]. Particularly when [[spoiler:you're looking for the family crests to escape the village]] and enter a hidden closet. One of them is in there. Just sitting there. ''Then'' she moves and you can hear her neck and limbs snapping and popping.
* [=WhydoIhavetokillWhydoIhavetokillWhydoIhavetokill=][[MadnessMantra WhydoIhavetokillWhydoIhavetokillWhydoIhavetokillWhydoIhavetokill]].
* Falling Woman. [[spoiler:She was running from the Darkness seeping from the Abyss and ended up dying when jumping off the top of the stairs in the Kiryu's Clock Hallway.]] She tends to appear by screaming and falling through the ceiling.
** Right after encountering the Falling Woman the first time, the game plays up your paranoia. Entering the next hallway, a piece of wood will fall to the ground. Sounds like nothing, but after having just encountered the woman, your nerves are on edge.
* The Tachibana house has a small storage closet on the second floor with an item inside. After going in and grabbing the item, you can hear a girl's voice saying "Help me." If you look through the camera, you find it written all over the walls. And the door locks if you try to leave. Eventually, the voice fades and the door opens and you can leave. It serves [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment no purpose]]. It's just a room to freak you out.
* You can find pairs of disembodied legs walking through the village at certain points. [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight Just strolling]].
* Chitose's death, which also doubles as a TearJerker. [[spoiler:Due to her vision problems, she accidentally trapped herself in a crawlspace of the Tachibana home and died there; either naturally or when the Darkness arrived.]] And she's maybe ten years old at most. And many of the locations she can be found hiding in have "Help" or "Big brother" scratched into the walls. Multiple times.
* The Kusabi. His appearance is utterly terrifying, he's surrounded by fog in which you can make out distorted skulls at times, and the haunting background music consists of him groaning in agony. And he has a OneHitKill. ''Then'' you find out how he's created. [[spoiler:An outsider is sacrificed through the means of the Cutting Ritual, which consists of slicing the person over and over and over, giving them a slow and agonizing death. Most people don't even survive ''that'' part. If they do, they are bound and thrown into the Abyss while still alive.]] Near the Abyss, you can find a crack to look into and see a failed Kusabi.
* Just looking at the Kusabi in Viewfinder mode shows you several ghastly faces screaming from behind it.

[[WMG: Fatal Frame III]]

* The ghosts are only in your dreams. [[FromBadToWorse At first]]. Then they invade your home. [[spoiler:There's an arm under the bed that ''drags itself away slowly'' instead of disappearing like most ghosts, and Needle Women in the mirror, waiting to attack Rei when she's showering.]]
** In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, a pair of disembodied legs can be spotted in the space underneath the stairs one night.
* The fate of the Tattooed Priestess. [[spoiler:She is covered in tatoos to bear the pain of other people and is doomed to sleep, without any happy dreams, because their tatoos bear the pain.]] And then there are the priestesses that failed. [[spoiler:They are skinned alive, their body sent to cross over and the tatooed skin is enshrined and prayed over to prevent the sorrow from spilling out.]]
** Reika's is worse. [[spoiler:Her last memory is seeing her lover being killed in front of her, and that's the only thing she has seen for however long it took for Rei to finally appease her.]]
* If you think these games can't get any darker or depressing, just remember that the very first ghosts you get to fight after getting the Camera Obscura are ''a mother and her child'', both dead from the Tattooed Curse.
* The Needle Women. They love to sneak up on you in Viewfinder Mode, and all you can see before they attack you are their needle-filled arms about to wrap themselves around you from behind.
* Kyouka Kuze, the Woman Brushing. Creepy on her own, but at one point, she's in the Kimono Room behind a screen. She's not attacking you, so you should [[SchmuckBait take a picture]], right? She'll fade away and reappear ''right in front of you''!
** Her appearance alone is also disturbing. Anytime she gets too close to you, especially in Viewfinder Mode, you'll get a [[SarcasmMode nice]] close-up of her pale white face and smeared eye shadow, making her look like a ghostly female version of the Joker.
** You turn around your camera to continue the fight with her, trying your best to maintain the focus on your target... And promptly pause the game to recover as you see her making a mad dash for you, ''frantically flailing her arms''. [[NothingIsScarier And then she vanishes mid-attack.]]
* The Crawling Woman. She attacks in a passage so small that only Miku can fit into it. And Rei encounters her later in the attic of Yuu's room. Very unpleasant for anyone with claustrophobia.
** To say nothing of the face she pulls when attacking Miku as she crawls under the manor's floor. It can easily give a player nightmares for weeks, seeing her screaming mouth, wide-open eyes, shaking creepily left to right as she strangles you.
** Kiriko Asanuma's story in itself is horrible to listen to, as well. She hid inside her closet as two robbers stormed into her home and killed her parents. And then you realize one of her cries is her saying "''Let me out!!" in desperation. [[FridgeHorror Did she get stuck in that closet?]]
* ''Stroller Grandma''. She's an entirely optional encounter in the main story (although you do receive the Measure Function for your trouble), comes right the hell out of nowhere, and she ''cannot be stunned by a charged shot''. She only has one attack, ramming her stroller onto you as she charges through your body, but it can easily be a OneHitKill if you're not careful, even on the lower difficulties.
** The story the Ghost List provides for her: she was unable to find peace after her grandchild's death, so she ''dug their body from the grave and put it on the stroller''.
** Look inside that thing when she attacks you. [[spoiler:You'll see a cluster of human faces.]]
** The story behind her being in that game also counts. Game director Makoto Shibata revealed during an interview the idea came from an incident in his childhood, where he was playing in the ruins of an old manor (the same manor that inspired him to create the Manor of Sleep) and noticed the figure of a woman pushing a stroller appear out of nowhere.
* After finally subduing Yoshino, Rei wakes up and [[spoiler:Yoshino's ghost is ''right there'' and grabbing her arm]]! And much later, when Kei enters the Chamber of Thorns [[spoiler:and the stakes begin to pull themselves out of Reika's body]]. Not to mention the creepy and unnatural way Reika gets up when Rei confronts her.
* The fact that the majority of the third game takes place in a dream. Imagine going through the death of a loved one and feeling guilty, then having dreams of a snow-covered, haunted mansion that traps you within it if you follow your loved ones further in.
* The fact that Yoshino was surrounded by the corpses of her loved ones for several days, unable to move, before she was found and rescued.
* The descriptions of the house ghosts.
--> ''Have you looked under your desk recently? Maybe you should check more often.''
* There's a closet you can walk into for an item, but when you turn around, the exit locks and faces and handprints appear on the walls. Disturbing, horrible moaning starts up... then suddenly stops and you can leave again. Just like the small storage closet in the previous game, it's simply there to freak you out.
* The concept of the Handmaidens. [[spoiler:They are the ones who are supposed to impale her with stakes.]] And all of them are prepubescent. If that isn't creepy enough, one of the maiden's diaries has her talk about her duty and [[CreepyChild look foward]] [[EnfantTerrible to it]].

[[WMG: Fatal Frame IV]]

* Ayako is this incarnate. And her room has an eerie yellow glow to it, doll parts hanging from the ceiling and getting in your way and the whispering and laughing you hear in the background. And then Ayako appears for the first time [[spoiler:jumping down and grabbing you by the shoulders]]. Never mind the things she's done to other patients or the nurses...
* Getsuyuu/Luna Sedata Syndrome. Symptoms include memory loss, sleepwalking and no longer recognizing one's own face or seeing it as blurry and distorted. And seeing the face of a patient's more advanced condition can make ''your own'' condition worsen.
* Kirishima is [[BlatantLies quite happy]] to be [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ24X6IaU-s&t=6m36s greeted by Dr. Katagiri]]!
* When Kirishima enters Yukou Magaki's room, he trips over something in the rather messy room. Turns out that it's Magaki himself, crawling on the floor and grabbing Kirishima's leg.
* Blooming in itself and what to do to stop the process. Cutting the person's face off; first comes across as not all that terrible, since it's being done to corpses. But you get to see what it looks like, when you cut someone's face off...
* Some of the music in the game is [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxKzJu1WdVc just]] plain [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw1-eBFm5fI creepy]].

[[WMG: Fatal Frame V]]

* The game ramped up the BodyHorror and {{Gorn}} of the series. Most of the Mikos you meet have had their [[EyeScream eyes slashed out]], one ghost has glass shards stuck in his back after he hung himself and crashed into the window below and he jumps through the window, when you first encounter him. And [[spoiler:Fuyuhi Himino]] was forced to [[PsychicAssistedSuicide cut her own throat]].
* During the first flashback of the Looming Man killing the Mikos, there's a [[SarcasmMode lovely]] close-up of one of the Mikos, whose mouth was sliced open on one side and a large wound around her eye.
* Just the fact that, if you aren't careful on the mountain, the ghosts will force you to reenact their suicide.
* After defeating [[spoiler:Fuyuhi Himino]], the player is treated to a flashback of her death. She tried to resist the spirit's influence, but was distracted for a second by what looked like her friend and slipped. All you see is [[HighPressureBlood blood pouring onto her shoes]], but it's enough.
* BigBad Ouse Kurosawa, who looks like a drowned woman, and the other many victims of the Yomi, who have the black water streaming from their eyes like tears.
* Tall Woman. A gigantic, freakishly thin woman with creepily elongated arms and a perpetual SlasherSmile. And there is ''no'' information on how or why she came to the mountain. She is based off of the Japanese legend of [[http://japuttoglobal.blogspot.de/2012/01/hachishakusama.html the Eight-Feet-Tall Lady]].
** Another scary characteristic of her is the things she says. Things like "You'd better get used to me." Meaning that, unlike the other ghosts who simply react to you, she is legitimately malevolent and is ''actively stalking you''.
* Watching Kazuya Sakaki body being distorted and twisted after being rejected for a potential groom by Ose is very disturbing.