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Burned out ruins of proud cities from a long gone age? Bloodthirsty, giant, deformed creatures that once were ordinary humans and animals? Old empty vaults with fading signs of the madness that once tore them up from the inside? [[NightmareFuel Oh yes, the Wasteland is indeed a scary place.]] While there may be much more content, and therefore, much more exploration and possibility for scares in Fallout 3 and beyond, the first few were legitimately terrifying in their own respects.

''Videogame/{{Fallout3}}'' and ''Videogame/FalloutNewVegas'' have their [[NightmareFuel/{{Fallout3}} own]] [[NightmareFuel/FalloutNewVegas pages.]]

* TheMaster's Lair in Fallout was quite creepy at the time, as you recognize a Vault...but as you go deeper more and more of the Vault seems directly connected to some kind of biomass...
** [[BigBad The]] [[NuclearNasty Master]], a Vault exile who goes into hiding and accidentally falls into a vat of FEV serum, and undergoes a hideous transformation into a biomass that looks like a cross between a Centaur (see the Fallout 3 Nightmare Fuel page) and a Vault Terminal, whose only wish is [[spoiler:to make the world "peaceful" by [[AssimilationPlot turning every man, woman, and child into a Super Mutant]]. The worst part may be that he believes he's ''right'', unless you are charismatic enough to HeelFaceTurn him.]]
* Many of the death animations in the original games are absolutely horrific:
** The Lieutenant seems to melt from the inside out as he twitches around.
** Frank Horrigan, who manages to rattle out his FamousLastWords despite his ''legs'' and torso being explosively separated not half a minute earlier.
** Critical hit-kills with plasma weapons causes the victim's flesh to melt off the bones, as they're screaming.
** [[spoiler: The Overseer]] gets his entire left half blown apart, his intestines dragging behind him as he tries to crawl away before twitching violently and dying.
* The ending where you side with the Master. You get treated to a scene where you are wrapped in bandages and squirming as you get dipped into FEV. The next thing you see is Vault 13 being invaded by mutants. The mutants start murdering everyone, including what looks like the Overseer as he has a futile last stand against the mutants made of iron. If 500 days(400 if you give away the location of Vault 13 to water merchants) pass, you get the same cutscene, except without the Player Character being dipped into FEV. You know who finally killed the overseer? It was YOU.
* Remember those iguana treats, the ones that always provided you with a little extra health? And then going in to see good ol' doctor Morbid, and accidentally going into his basement to discover ''iguana-on-a-stick is people!!?''
* The newer games have done away with it, but the first two let you target children. [[{{Gorn}} You could blow them up,]] [[CruelAndUnusualDeath disintegrate them,]] [[EyeScream put out both their eyes,]] [[KillItWithFire set them on fire,]] [[CruelMercy and leave them a limping, bleeding mess with a single remaining hit point.]] [[WhyDontYouJustShootHim Or you could just shoot them with a gun.]] And were you feeling like a big man and started a shootout in a populated area? There's some chance of accidentally hitting those kids if you miss. Take some time to think about it while their detailed death animation plays out.
* Frank Horrigan. It's telling that he is the only boss in the series who can't be talked down... you have to fight and kill him. [[PayEvilUntoEvil This is probably for the best.]]
** Frank Horrigan: [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]] [[XMeetsY meets]] [[Comicbook/IncredibleHulk The Incredible Hulk]] with the mind of an {{Eagleland}} psycho. Mutated at Mariposa with help from Enclave scientists, Frank had become an "ultra super mutant in power armor"; a "genetically engineered total homicidal maniac cyborg bodyguard". Bound to his suit, he can take anything you can dish at him and throw it right back at you. [[OhCrap You have to kill him.]]
--> "Your ride's over, mutie. Time to die."
* In the Fallout Universe, RichardNixon [[InSpiteOfANail was such a loved president]] that many items praising him can still be found after the war. Makes you wonder what ''their'' [[FridgeHorror equivalent to Nixon was...]] Alternatively, it was ''already'' such a CrapsackWorld by his presidency, his methods were considered relatively benign by comparison. Instead of causing a national scandal leading to him ultimately being impeached, no-one ''cared''.
** One fan theory posits that Senator Joseph [=McCarthy=] eventually became president.
* The series whole [[http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline timeline]]. Oh God, it's horrible how it all makes sense, and the not-entirely unlikely idea it could actually happen. With oil supplies running low in the mid to late 2000s and no reliable sources of alternative fuels available, Europe is forced to invade the Middle East because they can't afford to import oil anymore, and China and the US go to war over the last remaining oil well found in the Pacific Ocean. International tensions flare, countries grow increasingly militant and paranoid over dwindling resources. As a result, the United Nations disbands, the European Commonwealth falls apart, and the United States annexes Mexico and Canada. And through it all the world governments pursue ever more amoral technology in the pursuit of better weapons or alternative fuels.
* [[TeensAreMonsters Myron]]. Just let him tell his story about how he developed Jet to get an idea of how much of a sociopathic monster this kid is.
* Somehow managing to play ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 2}}'' for so long that you reach the game's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwzFJzedzfU built-in]] [[NonStandardGameOver 13-year time limit.]] Though it's only a still image of the wasteland with "THE END", the ScareChord and blowing wind make it unnecessarily spooky, especially when you aren't expecting it (not to mention how it just dumps you to the title screen [[NothingIsScarier without a word afterwards.]])

[[OhCrap Looks like you're out of AP.]]
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