[[caption-width-right:350:[[SarcasmMode Don't worry, this is just standard fare...]]]]
This series is one of the earliest horror manga out there. As such, it is rife with NightmareFuel throughout its run. Here are the ones that take the cake.
* Jinmen. Check out TearJerker for what he's done, but the sheer glee in which he takes from it, the taunting, the way he defends himself from Devilman...it's simply horrifying.
--> [[spoiler: "Compared to you, I'm like a cherub! ... Humans are my nourishment. For a demon, it is not a crime to eat living beings. After all, humans eat cows and pigs, right? However...killing other living beings is a sin! '''Isn't it? That's why I ate them without killing them!''' ''Without Killing! Without Killing!'' '''I Ate Them!''' Kah Kah Kah Kah! '''Don't you think they're happy to have been eaten by me?!!!'''"]]
** [[spoiler: The faces of those he's eaten appear on his shell, still alive, and still conscious until he's done digesting them.]]
* [[spoiler: When an angry mob descends on the Makimura's home...and tear both Miki and Tare limb from limb (Tare first, in front of Miki) cements the idea that as evil as the demons are, humans can be even worse.]]
* A spider-demon burrowing out of a girl's ''face''. It had taken control of her mind, gradually eating it away until the body had begun to rot.
* Amon [[EatsBabies eating a little girl alive]] in ''Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman''. Note, this is [[spoiler: Akira in a DespairEventHorizon[=/=]HeroicBSOD after witnessing the brutal aftermath of Miki's murder. And the little girl? She was one of his allies.]]
* Between the amount of MadeOfPlasticine and the extreme downer ending, it's already pretty dark. It enters new levels when PluckyGirl Miki is [[spoiler:torn apart by an angry mob and in some adaptations, her head put on a pike. Her little brother too. The hero arrives far too late, Akira's ensuing RoaringRampageOfRevenge is off panel, but the ground is covered in blood. The last panel Miki appears in has Akira weeping, the last bit of his humanity dead while clutching her severed head.]] Then it gets worse.
* The humans transforming into demons during the Sabbath, some of them have their skin melting off and others have their bodies ripping apart as they transform, one girl's head is perched on top of her new one and still blinks.