Here we have a (initially) Nintendo-published game that actually earns its M rating. And for certain sequences, it shows.

* The zombies. The fucking zombies. One: well, duh, they are putrified reanimated squirrel corpses. With the left eye hanging out the socket. For ''all'' of them. Two: while they're usually slow, they'll pick up the pace upon noticing you, either by being close enough or by missing a shot, which may sometimes not give you enough time to properly take aim before they come for your brains (and the shotgun's controls aren't that great either). Three: speaking of shooting, they only go if you ''split their heads open'' with your [[Franchise/EvilDead boomstick]]. Shooting anywhere else causes gradual dismembering, and you may blow a kinda head-sized hole through their torsos, and the bastards still keep huddling towards you. Add to that the setting they're placed on, and there you have it.
** They're arguably scarier when they show up after Batula's death. They do not make any noise when charging at you unlike when they first appear in the graveyard, which can cause the player to get eaten without warning. And to further amplify the horror, if a zombie successfully chews on you, A ScareChord abruptly blares for a few seconds just in case you're not shitting your pants already.
* The scene before you meet the Great Mighty Poo. You hear the dung beetle scream about a horrifying monster that ate his best friend, and then you throw screaming, pleading-for-their-lives pieces of corn into the poo, while the GMP occasionally reaches his hand up to grab you and the corn. No music plays in this part either.
* This beta version of the "Well this is a bit different..." cutscene from the It's War chapter. It involves the Tediz experimenting on a helpless squirrel while he's [[AndIMustScream still alive]]. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sawidQSvoU Watch and you'll probably be thankful it was replaced with a funny moment in the finished game.]]
-->'''Squirrel Soldier:''' Please help.... Let me go....
* The creepy unsettling music that is heard in Count Batula's mansion once the zombies start to appear. What makes it even more unsettling and eerie is the fact that there are giggling children in the background.
* Heinrich, the [[Franchise/{{Alien}} Xenomorph]].
* For acrophobes, Slam Dunk counts. It's a long, long climb up to the top. Once they reach the top and look down, panic sets in and they may use the tail helicopter move to the center, let go and hit the context sensitive button halfway through the drop out of pure fear of what was going on.
* Rare was infamous for their brutal Game Over sequences back in the day. Conker is no different. They run the gamut of Conker's possible fates, from getting burnt and drowned, to a bloody mess. If he loses and he's in one piece, the Panther King gets his table "fixed", leaving Conker stuck to the damn thing for the rest of his life. What gets you, however, is his expression. On the Nintendo 64, he looks bummed and rather worried. The Xbox, however, zooms in to show him gagged and ''in tears''.
* The moment in the Spooky chapter when Batula snaps at Conker, roaring in anger when his ancestors get insulted. It just goes to show that it's not nice to disrespect elders, even if they ARE vampires.
** The whole chapter is kind of disturbing, with the aforementioned zombies, and Batula turning Conker into a bat and forcing him to grab villagers and juice them in a grinder so Batula can feed on them. Thankfully, the bastard got what was coming to him.
* Conker accidentally getting the captured soldier electrocuted in Live and Reloaded. The original version isn't too bad as it's fairly brief, but the remake drags out his electric torture and ends with some major EyeScream by the end. Chances are you'll be wanting to look away just as much as Conker.
* The It's War chapter, which the game goes into full CerebusSyndrome; aside from being a reference to ''Film/SavingPrivateRyan'', it portrays the horrors of war pretty straight, with the squirrels getting bloodily shot down instantly, with the unlucky survivors drowning due to their wounds or being set on fire. Even Conker treats this moment somberly.
* During the first part of Windy, just try to enter the Wasps' hive. [[SchmuckBait No, really, try it]].
* The bull's drowned corpse floating around in the water after being dumped through the grate.