[[caption-width-right:350:Wanna plaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy?]]

* [[TwoWordsAddedEmphasis Two words]]: [[KillItWithFire Burned]] [[OutOfTheInferno Chucky.]]
* Chucky implies John taught him more than the one voodoo spell we have seen in the entire series. Just imagine... Chucky may have a whole array of voodoo powers we have yet to see.[[note]]Since then, it's been shown in ''Cult'' that he can possess multiple bodies.[[/note]]
* Chucky's soul is implied to be in limbo every time he "dies". He deserves such misery, but ''sheesh''.
* When Chucky speaks (in the doll voice) ''after Andy's mom realizes there are no batteries in him.''
** Not only that, but since the battery pack is in his back, his head suddenly spins backwards a la ''Film/TheExorcist'' to look up at her. Itís a pretty effective JumpScare the first time you see it, and even after multiple viewings, itís still creepy.
** Then when he gets serious, his voice drops and his face morphs to look more sinister.
** No wonder Bravo named it [[Series/OneHundredScariestMovieMoments one of the scariest scenes in movie history.]]
* The scene where Chucky, shortly after he is shot through the heart, says his [[LastWords dying words]] at the end of the first movie. His voice [[VocalDissonance changes from his menacing human one to the cheerful Good Guy doll voicebox]] during the last two words. Which are spoken from the doll's [[KillItWithFire charred]] [[LosingYourHead head]] that moments prior were [[BoomHeadshot blown off from the doll's body]]. And just to top it off, the doll's voicebox [[LastNoteNightmare draws out the very last word]], appropriately sounding like the "battery" of a doll dying out as it does. It is ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEaO2cocugI&t=7m1s exceedingly creepy beyond words.]]''
-->'''Chucky''': Hi. I'm Chucky! Wanna plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....?
* When Andy is locked up in the asylum. This kid is able to relax for a bit as despite where he is, he's at least away from Chucky. But then he sees Chucky coming for him out from his window. He tries to get the Doctor's attention, but the doctor doesn't believe him. So all he could do for now is huddle in a corner and cry knowing how screwed he is. [[spoiler:Until he faked Chucky out and gave him the slip.]]
* Andy's mom discovering Charles' old apartment room: with the walls decorated with painting depicting a voodoo ritual, a creepy sculpture of people melded together, and writing on the wall ("Oh thank you, mighty Damballa for life after death") written in blood.
* [[CrapsackWorld Not every moment of horror is Chucky-induced]]. Andy's mother is [[AttemptedRape almost raped]] by the homeless vagrant who sold her the doll.