[[caption-width-right:350:[[GameOver "May you rest in peace,]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq3VJEcXHns little lamb..."]]]]
''The Nightmare Fuel has appeared. It's the killer. Do not die.''
* It's only been a few months since ''{{Catherine}}'' has [[http://catherinethegame.com/home.html been announced]], but it's quickly making its way onto this page from trailers alone. Then again, what do you expect from a game that has nightmares as its main motif?
** People are dying in their sleep, and all of the victims are young men (one trailer shows the image of a man who lies in his bed as a dessicated, shriveled husk, his face locked in an expression of pure agony). Oh, and that ManicPixieDreamGirl Vincent/the player meets at the bar? [[spoiler:She's really a demon, sent to judge Vincent's worth]]. Choose to pursue a relationship with [[spoiler:her, and you [[GoodIsBoring forsake your humanity]] and [[AndThenJohnWasAZombie become a demon yourself]]]].
* ''Every boss in the game'' counts in one way or another. Makes sense, as they are [[spoiler:Vincent's fears and insecurities given physical form]].
* The first boss is Katherine's hands, the "Fist of Grudge", ([[GiantHandsOfDoom only enormous]], deformed, and holding a GIANT FORK with which to skewer Vincent with). Said hands will change Normal Blocks to Heavy Blocks (which Vincent has a harder time moving) with its strikes, all the while hearing a demonic voice screaming "''TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!''" and "''YOU WON'T GET AWAY FROM ME!''"
* Any time [[spoiler:Katherine and Catherine]] nearly find out about each other. The suspense is ''unbearable.''
* The scene where Catherine and Katherine argue when they meet. Their shouting is so intense that even Vincent cringes and imagines screaming out loud!
* When Katherine [[spoiler:stabs Catherine in the stomach.]] The sheer ''horror'' in her eyes, and her screams... and all that blood... yikes! [[spoiler:It was AllJustADream, but still]].
* Late in the game, Vincent confronts [[spoiler:Boss about the Nightmares, giving him a good sock to the face. Boss' shades fall off, revealing that he has [[RedEyesTakeWarning creepy red eyes]] with HellishPupils in the shape of male and female symbols. Almost nonchalantly, Boss [[NotEvenHuman reveals himself as some kind of godlike creature]] called [[EldritchAbomination Dumuzid]]]].
* As you progress in the game, you'll notice that some of the Sheep-men have gone insane, becoming larger, wielding giant [[AnAxeToGrind axes]], and have red (most likely ''bloodstained'') wool. They are the men who have lost their lives in the Nightmare World, existing only to maim and kill other Sheep...''including you/Vincent''.
* If the player dies and chooses to return to the main menu (which they are forced to do if they have no [[OneUp Mystic Pillows]] left), just before they return, the player is treated to a ''lovely'' cutscene where Vincent's shriveled, desiccated corpse, face frozen in a look of utter horror, is shown in the real world.
* Heck, there's a minor nightmare fuel right before you even start a new game- one of the start screens is Vincent ''tied to the side of a tower with barbed wire, complete with blood'', calling out for Katherine, who lounges indifferently on top of the structure.
''[[VideoGame/{{Catherine}} Now's not the time to be dead!]]''