''VideoGame/CarnEvil'' is supposed to be taking place in a CircusOfFear. You'd better believe there's NightmareFuel.

* The "Freak Show" level. It features several different types of enemies, including flies and maggots with human faces, twin brothers attached at the waist that laugh when shot to death, severely tortured and possibly brainwashed sadomasochists, and the rotting corpse of a "bearded woman" (which is infested with said human-faced maggots).
** There's also set pieces like a "fly trap" whose floor collapses to reveal lumps of rotting flesh under it, and a torture hall with some machinery smashing corpses to goo and putting them in giant cereal bowls, which is probably food for the next entry.
* The horrific boss fight with Junior, a gigantic FrankensteinsMonster baby that chases you around a huge baby cage/arena, complete with giant toys, while a very eerie version of "Pop Goes the Weasel" plays. The only way to kill him is to electrify him and reduce him to a huge pile of ashes. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD-d8_DTrJE Check out by yourself, if you dare]]. Hell, Midway eventually released a version that added the option to replace Junior with a slightly less (but still) scary teddy bear monster named Deaddy.
* Even the mooks are drop-dead horrifying, continuing to smile their frozen, goofy grins even after you've blown half their heads off and severed their limbs. The flying clown head spouting gory rhymes doesn't help either.
* One of the power-ups you can find is an [[HollywoodAcid acid gun]]. When you shoot enemies with it, they flail around in agony as they ''slowly melt into sludge.'' And all the while, the acid bubbles and hisses...