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[[caption-width-right:350:I scream for EyeScream]]
* In some cuts of the film it takes three shots for [[spoiler: Pris]] to finally stop screaming.
** [[spoiler:Her screaming coupled with a seizure. Dear god.]]
* [[EyeScream Fingers in the eyes]]. Urgh.
* The climax, where Deckard [[spoiler: is being stalked through a deteriorating building by a sadistic, ludicrously strong replicant who is losing its grip on sanity.]] The movie did a brilliant job at showcasing the horror [[spoiler: of being hunted down and ''toyed with'' by a psychopath you canít possibly defend against.]]
** From the climax, Deckard getting his fingers broken by Batty. There's a reason that the original home video release had a warning on the box about the violence level in this movie...
** The damn Psychopath was howling...
--->"I can see you!"
* The romantic scene between Deckard and [[spoiler: Rachael]] can look more like a rape scene [[ValuesDissonance to modern audiences]]. [[spoiler: In context there's the implication that she does want him but she's too afraid of getting caught up in her emotions, but the way Deckard pushes her to act on them can come across as creepily forceful, especially considering her vulnerability having just killed a replicant. When she gets up to leave after he kisses her neck he slams the door shut, throwing her against a window and kissing her again. Then he makes her tell him to kiss her--making it seem like everything she says afterwards about putting his hands on her and such is just because he forced her to. The fact that she looks worried and scared for most of the scene until they start passionately kissing doesn't help matters.]]
* The scene where Deckard shoots Zhora. At one point it looks like her heart pops out of her chest, and she still keeps running...