[[folder: The Film ]]

* There are two versions of the poster for the film - one with a small spider dangling in front of a full moon, seen on the main article, and one without the spider (as seen [[http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2497616896/tt0099052 here]]). The reason for the latter version is that the former ''freaked'' people out with it's subtlety. Well done!
* '''[[BigBad The General]]''', period. The main spider that's roughly the size of a baseball mitt, and has an extraordinary lethal bite. The General is equal in size to the largest Tarantula specimens found in South America!


[[folder: The Video Game ]]

* The game over screen for the game adaptation. A picture is displayed of your character where he's basically been overrun by spiders, and has webs in his nose. It's pretty freaky as a kid.