[[folder: The Film ]]

* There are two versions of the poster for the film - one with a small spider dangling in front of a full moon, seen on the main article, and one without the spider (as seen [[http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2497616896/tt0099052 here]]). The reason for the latter version is that the former ''freaked'' people out with it's subtlety. Well done!
* '''[[BigBad The General]]''', period. The main spider that's roughly the size of a baseball mitt, and has an extraordinary lethal bite. The General is equal in size to the largest Tarantula specimens found in South America!
* The spider's first victim has the large spider crawling into the tent of the photographer and underneath the blanket. When he tries to investigate the creeper by grabbing it, the General spider immediately bites down before retreating back out of the tent.
* The killer spiders are also capable of jumping, much like the common Jumping Spiders.
** Talk about the Ultimate Spider; the General's the size of a tarantula, they can jump like Jumping Spiders and also has their eyes, they can build webs the size of a full grown adult and their venom is so potent it makes the venom of the Black Widow, the Sidney Funnel-Web and the Brazilian Wandering Spider look like a harmless sting from a wasp in comparison. Couple that with the aggression...
* When the entymologist investigates the spider's nest in Dr. Jenning's barn, he is amazed at the work they put in building up the webs. Cue a shot of a few dead animals stuck in the spider's webs which the spiders have fed on, including a rat... and a cat!
-->'''Dr. Atherton''': My, you've been busy! Incredible!
* At one point, the main characters find a couple dead in their couch in front of their TV with a bucket of popcorn. One leans in to inspect the faces of one of the corpses.... AND A SPIDER CRAWLS OUT OF THE CORPSE'S NOSTRIL. Jesus, talk about a grossout.
* There's something incredibly messed up about the insinuation that the General's venom is so powerful that it [[BodyHorror rapidly speeds up]] the decomposition of victims of its bite. Sure, Manley the photographer was annoying, but for his body to be shipped back home looking like THAT?? Brrrr...


[[folder: The Video Game ]]

* The game over screen for the game adaptation. A picture is displayed of your character where he's basically been overrun by spiders, and has webs in his nose. It's pretty freaky as a kid.