Being a band with a long history of psychedelic drug usage, there's no wonder that some of the stuff that Animal Collective puts out can be a bit... intense.

* The vast majority of the band's music videos are completely trippy and equally terrifying. [[ The video for Summertime Clothes]] is particularly notable for this. Just... what the hell is going on?!
* Any live material from the ''Danse Manatee'' period, as heard on ''Hollindagain'' and ''Animal Crack Box'', is either [[SensoryAbuse very harsh]] or [[MindScrew very confusing]]. [[TakeAThirdOption Or both]].
* The [[ album cover]] of ''Sung Tongs'' is particularly nightmarish. It's an image of two [[UncannyValley somewhat-humanoid]] ''things'' made out of paper cut-outs against a blood red backdrop. What really makes this one creepy is the fact that they're both sporting deeply-unsettling [[SlasherSmile Slasher Smiles]] and that ''you can see their bones through what appears to be holes in their bodies''.
** Speaking of ''Sung Tongs'', we shouldn't neglect the horrifying tune that is [[ Whaddit I Done]]. To top it off, they actually used this song as the album's finale!
* The song [[ Bees]] can be quite unsettling to listen to on its own, but the "RWO RWO RWO RWWWO RWO RWOOOAAA" noise is just fucking ''disturbing''.
* The video for [[ Who Could Win a Rabbit]]. The animal costumes are [[UncannyValley unsettling]] enough on their own, as well as the strange movements and camera angles. However, the most unsettling part is the end of the video, in which [[spoiler: the tortoise kills the hare [[CarnivoreConfusion and eats his remains]]]].
* The ending of [[ Fickle Cycle]] can really catch you [[JumpScare off guard]] if you're not expecting it.
* The [[LastNoteNightmare First Note Nightmare]] of "Peacebone" combines horrific synth drones and random voices.