* Several of the writers for ''[[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGalaxyRangers Galaxy Rangers]]'', including Christopher Rowley, had a background in horror. For a "kids" show, it did not shy away from screwing with your mind or going for a scare. Consider "Rogue Arm", where Zach's arm comes to murderous life. Not only does Zach start dying without it--''after'' it tries to strangle him--the thing creeps around the darkened halls of a giant but poorly-staffed and supplied ship, even sucking two RedShirt crew members into space. Who, by the way, are never rescued.
* "Scarecrow" was pretty nasty too, with this SealedEvilInACan coming back to life, ''killing'' a pair of {{Red Shirt}}s (Remember, this was TheEighties - NeverSayDie was standard operating procedure), then pulling MindRape on Shane's sentient, AI horse. After this, he leads the Rangers into the swamp, and wounds Niko pretty badly. Niko has a nightmare of ''waking up in her own grave,'' seeing the Scarecrow hovering over her, and choking her to death. Lastly, after Shane's chased it into a burning house, it runs into the night, still on fire, ''laughing.'' The very last scene? After Shane and Niko leave the planet, thinking they've defeated the thing, the technician that was gassing up their ship chuckles. His face ''melts,'' revealing him as the Scarecrow, and he does an EvilLaugh directly into the camera.
* I'll see it and raise you the opening NightmareSequence from "Psychocrypt." *shudder* He's dreaming he's stuck in the Queen's palace and that his wife's calling out to him. Askew angles, Zach staring at his own corpse, his badge melting, a giant hand picking him up and tossing him into oblivion...and then you realize is' no mere nightmare but a form of MindRape that Her Travesty has been inflicting on both Zach and his wife for at least a week and probably longer.
* For that matter, the Psychocrypt itself. See entry under FateWorseThanDeath.
* One with a side order of FridgeHorror. The Queen is absolutely ''delighted'' when [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty she has Zach in her clutches]]. Now, the ''most innocent'' possibility is that she immediately tossed him in the Crypt for a nasty MindRape. Now, add the seductive tone of voice she was using earlier in the episode, Rowley's DVDCommentary saying the scene has "S & M vibes," and the possibility that maybe she ''didn't'' toss him in right away...
* The end results if Shane's InvoluntaryShapeshifting abilities break down on him.