[[caption-width-right:350:[[FromBadToWorse It]] [[OhCrap gets]] [[UpToEleven worse.]] [[EldritchAbomination MUCH]] [[BodyHorror worse.]][[note]]In fact, [[SchmuckBait wanna see]] [[https://38.media.tumblr.com/1b856003f30e30de6b27525656e47729/tumblr_mhdb4bkfdP1rlgmm9o1_500.gif the end result?]][[/note]]]]

* After Tetsuo first escapes from the lab and is rescued from the Clowns by Kaneda and crew, he gets assaulted by horrific flashes of the future, including a nightmarish hallucination where he falls and hits the ground and spills his guts onto the ground and tries to scoop them back up.
* The scene where Tetsuo and Kaori get cornered by a group of [[JapaneseDelinquents Clowns]] can be pretty hard to watch. Especially the part where one of them rips open her shirt, [[WouldHitAGirl then punches her square in the face]], knocking her out. Which causes her to {{faceplant}} on the ground. Keep in mind, this is a frail looking, terrified, 15 year old girl being both physically and sexually assaulted by guys twice her size. And all of it is played disturbingly straight.
* There's the nightmare scene. After undergoing the experiment, Tetsuo is left to recuperate in what looks like a child's bedroom. He wakes up to see all the toys come together and form some kind of gigantic teddy bear with a monster-like right hand and a milk-spewing toy car that proceed to try to kill him.
** And the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcpFdngLi7Y soundtrack]] that's played....good GOD the soundtrack!
* Tetsuo's way of dispatching hospital personnel - '''splat'''.
* And then there's the mutation scene, where Tetsuo [[SuperpowerMeltdown loses control of his powers]] and [[BodyHorror transforms into a]] [[EldritchAbomination giant human amoeba]] that consumes everything it touches, and we also get to see poor Kaori get slowly crushed to death in a bloody pulp inside of Tetsuo. The anguished cries of Tetsuo and Kaneda accentuate to the terror. And the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlbxI3eazqk music]] does not help...
-->''"Help me, Kaneda! Help, please!"''
* The official soundtrack for ''Manga/{{Akira}}'' is able to be frightening without words. Never try to listen to this at night with the lights off.
* Takashi's owner dying in the film is equally scary and [[TearJerker sad]] to watch, especially how ruthless the police are in gunning him down.