[[caption-width-right:300:Paul Allgood, Wade Clovis]]

A musical band, Wedlock formed circa 2004 in Richmond, VA, formed of Paul Allgood (vox, sampling) and Jeff Hathaway (programming, keyboards) for its original members. They did a couple Eps together until Jeff formed his own production company and Paul kept going with Wedlock in live form. Exogamy was a 2008 debut that eventually reached #40 on OutVoice's LGBT chart, and also contained their most successful single to date "Black Sundress"(#9 Amazon mp3). Their follow up, Continuity, was voted runner-up in the Indie Band of the Year Contest hosted by Music Emissions[[note]]A Canadian E-Zine[[/note]].

Allgood has been the sole remaining original member, and continues to record and perform as Wedlock with many others, much like Pere Ubu but not nearly as famous.

Former members:

* Jason Bowden
* Kirk Bryson
* Jonathan Kidder
* Greg Klaiber (live)
* David Mendez
* Ana Mitchell
* Chris Scendo
* Baxter Smith
* Lee Whitsel


* 2006 -- Matrimony (EP)
* 2007 -- Cuts Both Ways Maxisingle
* 2008 -- Discopharma Maxisingle
* 2008 -- Exogamy (Album)
* Still Unsatisfied Single
* Reverend Charisma Single
* Black Sundress Single
* 2009 -- Continuity (Album)
* 2010 -- Witnesses (EP)
* 2013 -- BlackSundress (Hagiphonic)
* 2015 -- Critique (EP)

!!Wedlock has examples of the following tropes:
* RevolvingDoorBand: Apart from Paul Allgood, the band has featured a different line up on each of its releases. For a band called Wedlock, there's a lot of musical "divorce" going around--over ten member changes over its history.
* DreadlockRasta: Though not a Rastatafarian, Paul Allgood wears his hair in this style.
* ProtestSong: The song "Allegiance?" WTF?! is a track with an anti Bush, anti-oligarchy, and anti-war sentiment, complete with vox sample.
* CultOfPersonality: Their song "Reverend Charisma" is about the cult leader Jim Jones.
* IdiosyncraticAlbumTheming: "Matrimony," "Exogamy," and "Continuity" all end in "y", as Allgood purposely tries to use one-word titles either pertaining to marriage or the "y" ness of something.