Waking The Cadaver were an American Deathcore band, playing in the vein of Slam DeathMetal bands like Devourment. Ironically, the band's rise in popularity had begun with a [[{{Mondegreen}} Misheard Lyrics]] video sometime back even before they even made their debut. Since then, they moved away from the slam stereotypes and their variety of death metal/deathcore has moved to a more tradtional NYDM sound ala bands like Suffocation and Dying Fetus.

They formed under the name Death To Honor befroe the name change in 2006. In that same year, they released their infamous two-track demo that would be the center of said video that would forever change them.

For Reasons unexplained, they split up in 2014. Campan is currently part of Hate Diplomacy along with members of Dehumanized, while Hartman is still going strong with his main band Mortal Decay (a longtime NJDM stalwart), and former guitarist Rob Wharton has been having a decent amount of success with Music/{{Cognitive}}. The rest have not done much since then.

* Don Campan -- Vocals (200614)
* Mike Mayo -- Guitar (200814)
* John Hartman -- Guitar (201114)
* Alex Sarnecki -- Bass (200614)
* Dennis Morgan -- Drums (200614)

* ''Perverse Recollections of A Necromangler'' (2007)
* ''Beyond Cops, Beyond God'' (2010)
* ''Real-Life Death'' (2013)

!!The band provides examples of the following tropes:
* CarefulWithThatAxe: The vast majority of their vocals.
* {{Deathcore}}
* DarkerAndEdgier: For most other deathcore bands.
* GenreBusting: Best described as a Slam Death, deathcore and hardcore mixed in the same blender.
* {{Gorn}}: The lyrics are mostly just straight up violence on ''Beyond Cops...''
* HarshVocals: Mostly pig squeals on the first album, with later works switching to more traditional death growls.
* HipHop: While Don denies being fans of said music, the psuedo-rapped lyrics say otherwise.
* IndecipherableLyrics: All over the place on the first album. Subsequent albums manage to be slightly more intelligible.
* {{Jerkass}}: Don Campan in his younger days. Time has made him a subversion.
* MetalScream: Campan is a mix of Type 1 and Type 2, sporting a mix of gurgling lows and heavily hardcore-inflected bellowing mids.
* MisogynySong: Played straight with the first album (as one might have guessed from such song titles as "Chased Through the Woods By a Rapist"). Averted with ''Beyond Cops, Beyond God'' and ''Real-Life Death'', which focused more on [[AxCrazy Deranged]] [[OmnicidalManiac sociopathy]] and [[RatedMForManly "Tough Guy"]] lyrics.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Usually a 10 or 11. Justified in that they have slam influences. Even when they moved away from slam, they still sound much heavier than the average deathcore.
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Beyond Cops'' has a more standard Brutal Death Metal sound, with the slams being downplayed in favor of faster riffs.
* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: One of the most frequently mocked aspects of the band is their very wigger-ish appearance.
* RatedMForManly: Aimed for this later as their lyrical theme, mostly of the UnstoppableRage variety.
* [[DeathMetal Slam Death Metal.]]
* StartMyOwn: Rob Wharton (who played on ''Beyond Cops, Beyond God'') did this with Cognitive. Subverted with Hate Diplomacy, as they had been around since Dimas Mendez was living in Puerto Rico and gained Campan (along with the rest of the lineup) well after they had formed, as Mendez moved to the US in the mid-2010s minus the rest of the original lineup.
* TropeCodifier: Was one of the many bands that started the Slam/Deathcore hybrids in the late 2000s.