VNV Nation is an ElectronicMusic project which has made work in multiple genres; predominantly Electronic Body Music, Futurepop (both of which are subgenres of {{Industrial}}), and SynthPop.

Their first albums; ''Advance And Follow'' and ''Praise The Fallen'' had a sound best described as "Symphonic EBM." Their breakthrough album, ''Empires'', evolved the sound by incorporating the influence of {{Trance}} music. The result was the TropeCodifier for Futurepop and many still consider ''Empires'' the best Futurepop album ever made. The following album, ''Futureperfect'', increased the trance influence slightly, leading some of their fanbase to argue TheyChangedItNowItSucks and GenreAdultery. Afterwards, the album ''Matter + Form'' was released; the album demonstrated a more 'retro' sound based on vintage analog synthesizers and incorporated more SynthPop influence than usual. ''Judgment''; released in 2007, continued this trend but with more frequent nods towards the groups {{Industrial}} heritage. Ditto for 2010's ''Of Faith, Power, and Glory''.

Their latest album, ''Transnational'' was released in 2013.
* ''Advance and Follow'' (1995)
* ''Praise the Fallen'' (1998)
* ''Empires'' (1999)
* ''Futureperfect'' (2002)
* ''Matter + Form'' (2005)
* ''Judgement'' (2007)
* ''Of Faith, Power and Glory'' (2009)
* ''Automatic'' (2011)
* ''Transnational'' (2013)
!!This band's music provides examples of:
* AlbumTitleDrop: Honour on Praise the Fallen.
* DespairEventHorizon: The speaker in Forsaken, off of the Solitary EP.