[[caption-width-right:347:Norfolk's contribution to space-rock: today, Downham Market, tomorrow, the Canes Venataci system! ]]

Underground Zerø is a British space rock band formed in UsefulNotes/EastAnglia, otherwise a wasteground for British pop and rock music where even the most ardent musicologist would be hard-put to name more than three significant acts. (The Singing Postman, Nick Kershaw, Cathy Dennis, and... er, that's it). The band are based in Norfolk, UK, and are also known [[HeavyMetalUmlaut as UZØ]].

While the band (originally called Ground Zero) is often referred to as "Underground Zero" or "Underground [=Zer0=]" in print, the official name of the band includes the slashed zero in its name. Their sound is similar to and heavily influenced by ''Music/{{Hawkwind}}.'' They have sometimes supported Hawkwind on tours and have featured on several ''Hawkwind: Friends and Relations'' albums.

Band personnel are:
* Andrew Rix (bass/vocals)
* Adrian Rix (keyboards)
* Judi Griggs (lead vocals)
* Brian Savage (drums), replaced by Mike (Mel) Melnyk and then Sean Holden
* Karl Dawson (guitar)
* Paul Holden (guitar)

!This band's work includes examples of:

* UsefulNotes/EastAnglia: those wide open skies must make people think about space.
* EpicRocking;
* HeavyMetalUmlaut: Putting the "Ø" in UZØ.
* ObsessionSong: ''Forlorn and Lethal''
* SpaceRock: ''Canes Venataci''