[[caption-width-right:347:Norfolk's contribution to space-rock: today, Downham Market, tomorrow, the Canes Venataci system! ]]

Underground Zerø is a British space rock band formed in UsefulNotes/EastAnglia, otherwise a wasteground for British pop and rock music where even the most ardent musicologist would be hard-put to name more than three significant acts. (The Singing Postman, Nick Kershaw, Cathy Dennis, and... er, that's it). The band are based in Norfolk, UK, and are also known [[HeavyMetalUmlaut as UZØ]].

While the band (originally called Ground Zero) is often referred to as "Underground Zero" or "Underground Zer0" in print, the official name of the band includes the slashed zero in its name. Their sound is similar to and heavily influenced by ''Music/{{Hawkwind}}.'' They have sometimes supported Hawkwind on tours and have featured on several ''Hawkwind: Friends and Relations'' albums.

Band personnel are:
* Andrew Rix (bass/vocals)
* Adrian Rix (keyboards)
* Judi Griggs (lead vocals)
* Brian Savage (drums), replaced by Mike (Mel) Melnyk and then Sean Holden
* Karl Dawson (guitar)
* Paul Holden (guitar)

!This band's work includes examples of:

* UsefulNotes/EastAnglia: those wide open skies must make people think about space.
* EpicRocking;
* HeavyMetalUmlaut: Putting the "Ø" in UZØ.
* ObsessionSong: ''Forlorn and Lethal''
* SpaceRock: ''Canes Venataci''