[[caption-width-right:300:All he needs is five mics]]

->''"Just in case you thought last time was a [[OneHitWonder fluke]]/Here we go again [[NWordPrivileges nigga]] right back in the booth/right back in the [[StealthPun groove]]"''
-->-- ''For the Record''

Torae L. Carr, better known by his first name, [[OnlyOneName Torae]] is an acclaimed [[ItsPopularNowItSucks indie]] American [[HipHop rapper]] from [[UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity Coney Island]] in [[BigApplesauce Brooklyn, New York]]. He first gained [[Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability "notability"]] for his colab LP ''Double Barrel'' with Marco Polo. Torae has been prolific so far, with numerous mixtapes and Albums. He leans more toward the [[AlternativeHipHop lyrical]] side of hip hop with well composed polysyllabic rhymes spread out over multiple stanzas.

His debut album, ''Daily Conversation'', received generally positive reviews and was hailed as a breath of fresh air. The best songs had understated melody that highlighted the lyrical wordsmith in his element. Torae followed this up with his more recognized colab album, ''Double Barrel'', which was more of the same. In 2011, he released ''For the Record'', which certainly was a critical darling. It featured louder, [[EarWorm catchier]] songs without any real degradation of quality, and showed greater breath of {{sampling}} than previous albums.

Torae is easily one of the freshest new acts for [[TheNewTens the new tens]], [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal with well written words]] and tight hooks that hearken back to hip hop's [[TheNineties golden age]]. Compositionally, he is decidedly [[OldSchool old school]], but that works largely in his favor, as it allows his lyrical deftness and dexterity to shine. Of course, we could go on forever about how great he is, or you could just check him out!
* [[http://itstorae.com/#/home Offical Site]] Warning, music plays automatically so NSFW.
* [[http://itstorae.wordpress.com/ His Blog]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd7le5aRdcM "For the Record"]]
!!Notable Discography:
** ''Daily Conversation'' (2008)
** ''Double Barrel'' (with Marco Polo) (2009)
** ''Heart Failure'' (2011)
** ''For the Record'' (2011)
'''{{Trope}}s present in his work:'''
* AlbumTitleDrop: Happens on the album ''For the Record'' on the [[AlbumSingle single]] "For the Record" as well as the Interlude before that, "Only Way".
* AlternativeHipHop: Leans towards this in his more thoughtful songs.
* [[BoastfulRap Boastful Raps]] exist in Torae's discography, but never at [[GlamRap unnecessary levels]].
* ConsciousHipHop: Very present, especially if you listen closely.
* GangstaRap: Subdued type 1 throughout his work.
* SpokenWordInMusic: In spades on ''For the Record'', most notably the intro and interludes, but also at the end of several songs as well. It's an [[ConceptAlbum album with a plot]].
* [[TitleDrop Title Dropping]] happens in nearly every song, [[NonAppearingTitle non appearing titles]] are a rarity in his work.