Tiësto is the stage name of Tijs Michiel Verwest (born 17 January 1969), a [[UsefulNotes/TheNetherlands Dutch]] DJ and producer. Most famous for his {{Trance}} mixes and tracks, though his style has drifted more towards [[HouseMusic house]] since 2010.

A quick recap of his career: After some fiddling around [=DJing=] house and releasing unnotable hardcore/gabber tracks, he [[StartMyOwn founded his own record label]], Black Hole Recordings, in 1997 as a vehicle for his ''[[XtremeKoolLetterz Magik]]'' and ''In Search of Sunrise'' DJ mix series. Started producing his own tracks, first as [[AllYourPowersCombined collaborative efforts]] (Kamaya Painters with Benno de Goeij, Gouryella with Ferry Corsten), then solo works; five of the tracks on his first production album ''In My Memory'' were widespread hits.

Continued to DJ, becoming famous for playing six-hour sets as a solo act. One of these sets, played for 25,000 people in a stadium in Arnhem, the Netherlands, was made into a DVD, ''Tiësto in Concert''.

In 2004, he became knighted as an Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau; became the first DJ to perform at the Olympic Games (at the opening ceremonies in Athens; he would later make this into an album, ''Parade of the Athletes''); and was ranked #1 DJ in the world by ''DJ magazine'' for the third year in a row. In 2006, he became an ambassador for [=Dance4Life=], an organization raising awareness of HIV/AIDS. In 2007, he began hosting his own radio show, ''Tiësto's Club Life''. In 2009, his single "Elements of Life" appeared in ''VideoGame/DJHero''; the following year, the sequel, ''DJ Hero 2'', would feature him as a playable character.

In 2010, he disassociated himself from his record company Black Hole Recordings, passing control of his ''In Search of Sunrise'' series to DJ Richard Durand, and started a new record company, Musical Freedom, which would go on to publish a new mix series reflecting his changing musical tastes, named ''Club Life'' after his radio show.



[[folder: Production Albums ]]

* ''In My Memory'' (2001)
* ''Just Be'' (2004)
* ''Elements of Life'' (2007)
* ''Kaleidoscope'' (2009)


[[folder: DJ Mixes ]]

* ''Magik'' series
** ''Magik 1: First Flight'' (1997)
** ''Magik 2: Story of the Fall'' (1998)
** ''Magik 3: Far From Earth'' (1998)
** ''Magik 4: A New Adventure'' (1999)
** ''Magik 5: Heaven Beyond'' (2000)
** ''Magik 6: Live in Amsterdam'' (2000)
** ''Magik 7: Live in Los Angeles'' (2001)
* ''Summerbreeze'' (2000)
* ''Revolution'' (2001)
* ''Nyana'' (2003)
* ''In Search of Sunrise'' series
** ''In Search of Sunrise'' (1999)
** ''In Search of Sunrise 2'' (2000)
** ''In Search of Sunrise 3: Panama'' (2002)
** ''In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America'' (2005)
** ''In Search of Sunrise 5: Los Angeles'' (2006)
** ''In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza'' (2007)
** ''In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia'' (2008)
* ''Club Life'' series
** ''Club Life Volume 1: Las Vegas'' (2011)
** ''Club Life Volume 2: Miami'' (2012)
** ''2013 Club Life: Volume 3: Stockholm'' (2013)

!!Tiesto provides examples of:

* GenreBusting: While known for his style that fuses HouseMusic and {{Trance}}, recent live shows have him incorporating many different and disparate ElectronicMusic styles into his setlists.
* GenreShift: He gradually shifted his musical style to ElectroHouse while keeping some of his trance elements intact.
* IdenticalStranger: He was mistaken for Music/MarkusSchulz on a few occasions and vice versa.
* SignatureStyle: Uplifting and supersaw-laden trance set to shuffling house beats and trancey ElectroHouse with influences from other musical styles.
* TheMentor: Has been this to younger producers, particularly Martin Garrix (who himself was inspired by Tiesto's set at the 2004 Athens Olympics).