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Theocracy is a [[ChristianRock Christian]] HeavyMetal band from Athens, Georgia in the US. Their style mixes elements of PowerMetal and ProgressiveMetal with plenty of Music/IronMaiden influences. The band was formed in 2002 by Matt Smith [[Creator/MattSmith (no relation)]], [[CrowningMomentofAwesome who played all the instruments, performed all the vocals, and programmed the drum machine on the first self-titled album, as well as mixing and polishing it]]. The band has since become an actual full band -- there were three members who played on their 2008 sophomore album, ''Mirror Of Souls'', and there are currently five members. Their third (and arguably heaviest) album, ''As The World Bleeds'', was released in 2011 and marks their first release as a full band.

Current Members:
* Matt Smith - Vocals
* Jonathan Hinds - Guitar, Backing Vocals
* Shawn Benson - Drums
* Val Allen Wood - Lead Guitar
* Jared Oldham - Bass, Backing Vocals

Former Members:
* Seth Filkins - Bass, Backing Vocals
* Josh Sloan - Bass, Backing Vocals
* Patrick Parris (Music/LascaillesShroud, Music/{{Judicator}}, Project: Roenwolfe) - Bass, Backing Vocals

Studio Albums to date:
* 2003 - ''Theocracy'': "Theocracy", "Mountain", and "Ichthus"
* 2008 - ''Mirror of Souls'': "Mirror of Souls", "Laying the Demon to Rest", and "On Eagles' Wings"
* 2011 - ''As the World Bleeds'': "I AM", "Nailed", and "As the World bleeds"
* 2016 - ''Ghost Ship'': "Ghost Ship", "Wishing Well", and "The Wonder of It All"

Not to be confused with a [[TheTheocracy political Theocracy]].

!!Theocracy provides examples of:

* BookEnds: "I am" is both the first and last two words of I AM.
* EpicRocking: Every album features at least one song over nine minutes long.
** From ''Theocracy'': The Serpent's Kiss (11:56), The Healing Hand (11:36), and Twist of Fate (11:30)
** From ''Mirror of Souls'': Laying the Demon to Rest (9:37), Mirror of Souls (22:26)
** From ''As the World Bleeds'': I AM (11:00)
** From ''Ghost Ship'': Easter (9:53)
** Christmas Tracks: Christmas Medley (11:03) and Wynter Fever (10:23)
* GenreRoulette: Wynter Fever shifts from power metal to blues and then back again.
* IAmSong: "I AM." {{Exactly What It Says On The Tin}}. Almost every sentence begins with "''I am.''"
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: A solid 7, with a few songs (such as ''The Victory Dance'') dropping to 6. Bethlehem is arguably a 4.
* NewSoundAlbum: Due to the the lack of a complete lineup prior to the release of ''As the World Bleeds'', every album so far has had a distinctly new sound when compared with its predecessors.
* PowerBallad: "Sinner", "Bethlehem", "Drown", and the first half of "The Gift of Music".
* PowerMetal
* ProgressiveMetal
* SelfTitledAlbum: They're called Theocracy, they have an album called Theocracy, and they just happen to have a song called Theocracy as well.
* SpokenWordInMusic: "The Serpent's Kiss" and "The Master Storyteller" both include sections of sermons. "Wynter Fever" has a very quiet conversation between Festus and Santa's former head elf during the blues section. "Rudolph vs. Frosty" has a short exchange between the title characters. "All I Want for Christmas" also has one.
* TomatoInTheMirror: The narrator of Mirror of Souls learns what he really is after looking into the eponymous Mirror of Souls in the Hall of Truth.