The Seatbelts were a band formed and fronted by Music/YokoKanno for the purpose of recording the ''Anime/CowboyBebop'' soundtrack. They were less of a "band" in the strict sense of the term, and rather a DreamTeam of musicians assembled specifically for the project (much like Music/ThisMortalCoil or Music/{{UNKLE}}).

The musicians of The Seatbelts were recruited from Japan, New York and Paris, not including guest vocalists. If you want a full list, it's [[ over here,]] courtesy of Wiki/TheOtherWiki. Notable musicians that contributed to The Seatbelts include: current Music/NewYorkDolls guitarist Steve Conte, jazz drummers Bill Stewart and Al Foster (Music/MilesDavis), Return To Forever bassist Stanley Clarke, and saxophonist Gary Bartz (Music/MilesDavis, Music/CharlesMingus, Max Roach).

The band's style is pretty much textbook NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly, ranging from all sorts of {{Jazz}} to {{Blues}}, BluesRock, [=Country=], straightforward RockAndRoll and HeavyMetal, {{Funk}}, ElectronicMusic, {{Pop}}, pounding {{Techno}} and ballads. The main distinctive trait of their material is its [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome total awesomeness]]. A large majority of it is made up of Musi{{Instrumentals}}, but there are more than a few tunes with vocals performed by guest vocalists - the most frequent used of these being Steve Conte and Mai Yamane.

The Seatbelts basically disbanded once the ''Anime/CowboyBebop'' franchise ended, but some members have gone on to work with Kanno or each other on other projects.

* ''Cowboy Bebop'' (1998)
* ''Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless'' (1998)
* ''Cowboy Bebop No Disc'' (1998)
* ''Cowboy Bebop Blue'' (1999)
* ''Ask DNA'' (2001)
* ''Future Blues'' (2001) - soundtrack to TheMovie
* ''Cowgirl Ed'' (2001) - limited edition single packaged with ''Future Blues''
* ''Future Blues'' DVD (2001) - live recording
* ''Cowboy Bebop Boxed Set'' (2002) - combines previously released songs, new songs and live recordings
* ''Cowboy Bebop [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Tank! THE! BEST!]]'' (2004) - GreatestHitsAlbum


* DreamTeam
* {{Engrish}}: The text on the back of the ''Cowboy Bebop'' CD swerves between this and SurprisinglyGoodEnglish.
* GenreRoulette
* {{Instrumentals}}: Many of their songs.
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly
* PowerBallad: "Blue" (arguably), "Call Me Call Me", "No Reply".
* SingingSimlish: "Green Bird", "Powder", parts of "Blue".
* StopAndGo: "What Planet Is This?!" seems to grind to a halt around the 3 minute mark, but then it re-starts with another solo and repetition of the main theme.
** "7minutes" does the same, pausing right before the 5:15 mark before jumping into the loud chorus.
* UncommonTime: Present in some songs like "7minutes".
* WordSaladLyrics
* {{Word Salad Title}}s