[[caption-width-right:300:L-R:Will Cullen Hart, Peter Erhick, John Fernandes, Eric Harris, Bill Doss]]

''The Olivia Tremor Control'' is an indie rock band associated with the Music/{{Elephant 6}} Collective, a group of bands which also includes ''Music/OfMontreal'', ''Music/NeutralMilkHotel'', and ''Music/TheApplesInStereo''. The band was founded in 1992 by singer/songwriter/guitarists Bill Doss and Will Cullen Hart, as well as future NMH frontman Jeff Mangum. After releasing 2 albums plus a handful of [=EPs=] and singles, the ''Control'' disbanded in early 2000. They reunited in 2009, and re-entered the studio in preparation for a third album, but Bill Doss died unexpectedly in 2012, leaving the future of that album in doubt..

!!Members (founding members in '''bold''', current members in ''italics'')
* '''''Will Cullen Hart''''' - Guitar, vocals (1994-2000, 2009-present)
* '''Bill Doss''' - Guitar, cornet, percussion, vocals (1994-2000, 2009-2012, died 2012)
* '''[[Music/NeutralMilkHotel Jeff Mangum]]''' - Drums, guitar, vocals (1994-1995)
* ''Eric Harris'' - Drums, theremin, guitar (1995-2000, 2009-present)
* ''John Fernandes'' - Bass, violin, saxophone, clarinet (1995-2000, 2009-present)
* ''Peter Erhick'' - Keyboards, bass, vocals (1996-2000, 2009-present)
* ''Derek Almstead'' - Drums, guitar, bass (2010-present)

!!Studio Albums

* ''Music From the Unrealized Film Script: Dusk At Cubist Castle'' (1996)
** ''Explanation II: Instrumental Themes and Dream Sequences'' (1997, bonus disc)
* ''The Olivia Tremor Control vs. The Black Swan Network'' (1997, collaboration w/The Black Swan Network)
* ''Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1'' (1999)
* ''Singles and Beyond'' (2000, compilation of otherwise-unavailable singles)
* ''The Same Place'' (TBA, planned finale)

!!The Olivia Troping Control:
* AbortedArc: ''Black Foliage'' is presented as the first volume of "animation music." There never was a second volume released.
* ApocalypseHow: "California Demise"
* TheBandMinusTheFace: Hart has confirmed that after ''The Same Place'' releases, the band will break up out of respect for Bill.
* BaroquePop: Much like the rest of the [=E6=] Collective, they take heavy influence from Music/TheBeachBoys.
* ConceptAlbum: [[UpToEleven Or concept discography.]] The band's primary inspiration is the nonsensical, entrancing universe of dreams, to the point where they asked some of their listeners to send in tapes of their own dreams.
* EpicRocking: Green Typewriters, at 23:08.
* MindScrew: Comes with the territory when most of your songs are about dreams.
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: The band would record sound collages just as often as straight psych pop songs.
* PsychedelicRock: They are a GenreThrowback to this style.
* RealDreamsAreWeirder: The basic inspiration for most of their songs. One of their songs is even called "Define a Transparent Dream."
* RedOniBlueOni: The basic dynamic of the group's sound was based on Bill Doss' (Blue) pop sensibilities combining with Will Cullen Hart's (Red) madcap experimenting.
* SerialEscalation: Often. For example, most of the shorter tracks on ''Black Foliage Animation Music'' are variations on the basic tracks for the song "Black Foliage"; in turn, the super-brief "Combinations" tracks are remixes of those remixes; and the B-side to the album single "Hideaway", also entitled "Combinations", is seemingly a three-minute remix of those remixed remixes... [[MindScrew Savvy?]]
* ShutIn: Possibly the narrator of "Sylvan Screen".
* TitledAfterTheSong:
** The upcoming Elephant 6 documentary ''A Place We Have Been To'' is titled after this band's song of the same name.
** Also an inversion: On their ''Singles and Beyond'' compilation, they have a song called "Sunshine Fix," which is the name Bill Doss used for his SoloSideProject.
* TheWalrusWasPaul: It's often to tell where the actual "concept" of much of their work ends and the joke begins.