[floatboxright: Related Acts - members:
* {{Music/COLOR}}, Kamaitachi, Sisters No Future (Music/DynamiteTommy)
* Anti-Feminism (Kenzi)
* GASTUNK, solo works (Tatsu)
* Music/XJapan, Music/{{Loudness}}, D.T.R., other solo works (Music/TaijiSawada)]

The Killing Red Addiction was a short-lived VisualKei {{supergroup}} that formed in 2009 and disbanded somewhere around 2010, though there was no official notice of disbandment so much as everyone drifting apart (and one member experiencing AuthorExistenceFailure in 2011). They performed a few times in Japan and once in 2009 at the iconic Whisky A Go Go in UsefulNotes/LosAngeles, and released a partial (and badly shot) PerformanceVideo of their LA gig, which can be found on Youtube [[http://youtu.be/zdQX8esqOGI reuploaded by a fan when their official page disappeared.]] There is also [[http://youtu.be/LyRxomMnIVM a bootleg]] from a Japanese show at Shinjuku Loft that mostly centers on Tommy and Tatsu. No other materials seemed to have been released, though there was a CD sold only at lives and some merch.

It consisted of Music/DynamiteTommy as the vocalist, Kenzi as the drummer, Tatsu on guitar, and Music/TaijiSawada on bass.

Tropes present in the music, lyrics, and stage performance of Music/TheKillingRedAddiction:
* AllDrummersAreAnimals: KENZI. Possibly ''the'' most self-destructive, masochistic drummer in VisualKei, in one of his ''milder'' displays at the Whisky A Go Go gig, he smashed flourescent lightbulbs onstage and cut himself with the glass ''while drumming.''
* AtomicFBomb: Even the merch had the tagline "FUCK THE SYSTEM!"
* CarefulWithThatAxe: Music/DynamiteTommy, being a punk singer.
* EpicRocking: A band consisting of some of the top names in Japanese VisualKei.
* HarshVocals: See above.
* IndecipherableLyrics: Courtesy of Music/DynamiteTommy in LA. Even people who were ''at the gig'' don't remember much of what he was singing, much less specific song titles.
* LeadBassist: Music/TaijiSawada was the biggest draw for the band at the LA gig, to the point of overshadowing almost all the other members, few of whom were known in the US ''at all,'' (at least outside of VisualKei where Music/DynamiteTommy was recognized) whereas Taiji had been known among ''some'' non VisualKei metalheads for his work with early X and with Loudness. The situation was less biased toward him in Japan, where the other members had more fame, but in LA it was definitely "who are those guys with Taiji?"
* TheRival: To S.K.I.N., the supergroup made by [[Music/YoshikiHayashi Yoshiki]] and featuring himself, Music/{{Gackt}}, Music/{{Miyavi}}, and Music/{{Sugizo}}.