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The Jonas Brothers (2005-13) was a band of {{Teen Idol}}s discovered by Disney, consisting of members/brothers Joe, Nick, and Kevin[[note]]actually Paul; Kevin is his middle name[[/note]] Jonas. Contrary to popular belief, they were not [[DeadHorseGenre manufactured by]] Creator/{{Disney}}...initially. The entire band began through Nick, who was the first to pursue a musical career around the age of 10. After his song "Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)" blew up, his brothers began following in his footsteps, and the rest is history.

They toured independently as a ChristianRock/Pop Rock band with their father as their manager before getting signed to Creator/ColumbiaRecords in 2005 and releasing their first album, ''It's About Time'', which was not widely recognized. In the fall of 2006, after getting dropped from Columbia, they got signed by Creator/HollywoodRecords and absorbed by the Creator/{{Disney}} Corporation. There are three Jonas brothers, Kevin, [[Music/JoeJonas Joe]] and [[Music/NickJonas Nick]]. (Other spots in the music are filled by studio musicians or tape decks.)

In 2010-2011, the band went on a hiatus to pursue solo projects before reconvening in 2012 to begin work on a fifth album that was subsequently cancelled in 2013 after they [[http://www.justjaredjr.com/2013/10/29/jonas-brothers-its-over-for-now/ broke up]] due to CreativeDifferences.

They released four albums together (three of which went platinum). They starred in ''Film/CampRock'' (a Disney TV movie) as well as its sequel and had their own TV series, ''Series/{{Jonas}}''. Kevin had a show with his wife Danielle, ''Married to Jonas'', while Nick had a recurring role on NBC's ''Smash''. They have appeared on the American Music Awards, ''American Idol'', and ''Dancing with the Stars''.

As for the members' solo work:
* Joe's first attempt going solo, ''Fastlife'' in 2011, was a critical and commercial disappointment; however, he is currently known as part of a pop rock band called DNCE.
* Nick has found success recently after releasing his second album/his first non-"young period" album, with his song "Jealous" gaining massive popularity. From 2009 to 2011, he also headed a side project called Nick Jonas and the Administration that only put out one album.
* Kevin is the least musically active out of the three, but reportedly went on a small 5-month tour with Joe in 2014.

* ''It's About Time'' (2006)
* ''[[SelfTitledAlbum Jonas Brothers]]'' (2007)
* ''A Little Bit Longer'' (2008)
* ''[[NewSoundAlbum Lines, Vines and Trying Times]]'' (2009)
* ''V'' (pronounced "five") (cancelled)
!! Tropes:
* AdamWesting: Every ''single'' fictional TV and movie role they've done has had them play rock star brothers. Plus, most of them have a cameo for their littlest brother and their bodyguard.
* {{Adorkable}}: Joe Jonas, full-stop. Even now that they've all matured quite a bit, he's still a goofball.
* AllJustADream: The Paranoid video. [[MindScrew ...or was it?]]
* AntiLoveSong: Many. If they aren't this, they're usually a BreakUpSong.
* BewareTheQuietOnes: Kevin, the quietest and nicest of the three, has turned out to have quite the bitchy streak. (Supposedly, he wrote the majority of "Video Girl".)
* BigOlEyebrows: Joe and Kevin. Nick lucked out and has a relatively normal pair.
* {{Bowdlerization}}:
** They did a cover of "Year 3000" by Music/{{Busted}} which removed the (negligible to the point of non-existence) bad language and to tone down some of the sexually-inappropriate lyrics and change some of the cultural references.
** In the song Paranoid the original line is, "I'm taking all the doctor's meds, I'm still freaking out." The radio edit goes, "Can't hear the thoughts inside my head, I'm still freaking out."
** Their cover of Music/{{Busted}}'s "What I Go To School For", changing it from a student crushing on (and then getting with) his teacher to a senior girl to tone down the sexuality of the song.
* CanonDiscontinuity: Hollywood Records frequently advertised their second album as their first, preferring to ignore their actual first album, It's About Time. Justified since their 1st album was under Columbia.
* TheCasanova: Music/NickJonas fits this to a T.
** Joe also to an extent, maybe more
* CassandraTruth: In their personal lives: Before Nick was diagnosed with diabetes, Joe was the only one who realized something was wrong and tried to tell his parents, who wrote it off as puberty.
* ChristianRock: Their pre-Disney independent work was a mixture of Christian pop-rock and covers of some pop-punk songs.
* TheCoverChangesTheGender: They didn't change it so much as just remove all references to gender, with their cover of "Poor Unfortunate Souls".
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: Their fifth album is named, well, V, the Roman numeral for five.
* GenreRoulette: ''Lines, Vines And Trying Times''. Not as extreme as it could be, but in the space of an album, it goes from classic rock (World War III) to country (What Did I Do To Your Heart?) to an alt rock ballad (Turn Right). (And on one of the special editions, J-pop.)
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: In the song Poison Ivy, they sing, "Everybody gets that itch, everybody hates that..." with a noticeable pause between lyrics. Guess what word rhymes with itch?
** And "Much Better", if you listen, sounds less like "I wanna fight with you" and a lot more like "I wanna fuck with you".
* GratuitousJapanese: "Infatuation", and intentional, as it was a bonus track in Japan.
* GratuitousRap: "Don't Charge Me For The Crime".
* ICantDance: At least, not to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP-KFnYg6Hw Single Ladies]].
* IncrediblyLamePun: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk1MANaha9k "Oh, how the tables have turned."]]
* IntercourseWithYou: How some people feel about "Pom-Poms".
-->''More to love when your hands are free, baby/put your pom-poms down for me/shake it up, 123, baby, put your pom-poms down for me/when you move, I fall to my knees, baby, put your pom-poms down for me''
-->''And I won't let it go to waste if I get a taste, gonna drink the whole thing, baby''
* IsntItIronic: They covered "My Name Is Jonas" simply because it had the name Jonas in it.
* LimitedSpecialCollectorsUltimateEdition: ''Jonas Brothers: Bonus Jonas Edition''. It had a copy of their concert in New York City, three music videos ("Hold On", "S.O.S.", and "Year 3000"), a live performance of "Kids Of The Future", and an extra two songs ("We Got The Party" and "Take A Breath"), on top of the 14 songs on the original album.
* LonelyPianoPiece: "A Little Bit Longer", definitely. "Black Keys" might also qualify.
* LyricalDissonance: "Tonight", which has the music of one of their standard love songs, but it's a pretty unhappy breakup song. "Fly With Me", as well, which sounds like a [[SillyLoveSongs Silly Love Song]], but is about a relationship that they both know won't last.
* TheManIsStickingItToTheMan: their most recent (2009) album.
* {{Metaphorgotten}}: Just ''listen'' to "Poison Ivy". Kudos if you can do it with a straight face.
* MindScrew: The video for Paranoid is one, although given the song, it's probably intentional.
* TheMoralSubstitute: They were heavily promoted as a wholesome alternative to more authentic bands like Music/FallOutBoy and Music/PanicAtTheDisco - some of their posters and merchandise even used similar color schemes to those associated with the most successful albums of these bands.
* MrFanservice: All three of the boys could qualify, but Joe in particular. In their 3D concert movie, he takes his jacket off and the screaming actually gets louder.
** And, at one point, they include a shot [[ShirtlessScene from the wardrobe change backstage]] for no apparent reason. Joe gets as far as taking his shirt and belt off, even goes to start undoing his pants, before it cuts off.
* NewSoundAlbum: ''Lines, Vines And Trying Times''.
** Their next album seems to be shaping up to be this as well. It's not their previous pop-rock and it's still a departure from what they did with ''Lines, Vines And Trying times''.
* NoSexAllowed: At least until marriage. Probably a smart career move since most of their fanbase is JailBait. Subverted with Kevin, since he's married... and didn't like it.
** Interestingly, both Nick and Joe's purity rings have completely vanished since then.
** Joe and Nick have both openly stated that they are sexually active.
** At least one article mentioned that this worked in their favor creatively, as the lack of distraction allowed them to focus on their music and showmanship. At the same time, however, they were criticized for using abstinence to attract sexually addled young women, not helped by some questionable set pieces.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Kevin has looked the same way he does today since he was about 16.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Kevin's actual name is Paul. Kevin's his middle name.
* PerformanceVideo: For "When You Look Me In The Eyes". And the version of the "Kids Of The Future" video that doesn't [[VideoFullOfFilmClips have clips from]] ''Disney/MeetTheRobinsons''.
* PrecisionFStrike: As they aren't attached to Disney anymore, they don't ''have'' to keep their mouths perfectly clean, as proven by a recent performance of "S.O.S.", where Nick replaced "crazy" (''that don't include your crazy friends'') with "bitchy".
** And Joe replaced the line "I wish she was with me" with "I wish she would ''fuck'' me" from the [[Series/{{Jonas}} Jonas L.A.]] song "Drive".
** Subverted with "Poison Ivy". The lyrics set it up for one of them to say "bitch", but being attached to Disney, they don't swear once. Instead, we get a very distinct pause accompanied with a crash cymbal perfectly timed for the word.
* RealPersonFic: Tons and tons. It's the reason fanfiction.net doesn't have a Series/{{Jonas}} section.
** Quizilla and Youtube are both filled with "love stories" involving the Jonas, usually paired with fans or other Creator/DisneyChannel tween celebrities like Music/DemiLovato, Music/MileyCyrus and Music/SelenaGomez (The former for Joe, the latter two for Nick, depending on the pairing of Niley or Nelena).
* RealityShow: Living The Dream, from way back when they had just wrapped Camp Rock, and more recently, Married To Jonas.
* RockstarSong: Hollywood, natch.
* SelfTitledAlbum: Their second.
* ShirtlessScene: In their 3D concert movie. Apparently, the editors decided to include a shot of their wardrobe change for no reason. Joe gets as far as pulling his shirt and belt off and even goes to start undoing his pants before it cuts off.
* ShoutOut: To Literature/PeterPan in "Fly With Me".
* SpiritualSuccessor: Like the Music/HilaryDuff example, many boy bands came out of them as their spiritual successors: Music/AllstarWeekend, Series/BigTimeRush, and most recently Music/OneDirection, among others. This applies the most to One Direction, as not only are they much bigger than Allstar Weekend and Big Time Rush (and probably the two combined), but they have also been experiencing even ''greater'' success than the Jonas Brothers did.
* StealthPun: Probably not intended that way, but the album "It's About Time" has the songs "6 Minutes", "7:05", "Time For Me To Fly", "Year 3000", and "One Day At A Time", so...
** Not to mention this gem from "Games" from their second album, confirmed by liner notes: "And I'm '''sorry''' for the '''trouble'''� I'm so '''bored''' with these '''games'''."
* SurrealMusicVideo: "Paranoid", complete with MindScrew ending.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: "I'm not bitter" from Much Better.
* TakeThat: At Taylor Swift in "Much Better". (''Now I'm done with superstars/And all the tears on her guitar'')
** "Video Girl" is one long one, too.
** At their critics, in the unreleased song "Dance Until Tomorrow": ''No one ever thought that we'd come this far...''
* TeenIdol
* TitleTrack: ''A Little Bit Longer'' is the only one of their group albums to have one. The other ones don't even get so much as an AlbumTitleDrop.
* [[{{Trope2000}} Trope 3000]]: "Year 3000"
* VideoFullOfFilmClips: One version of their video for "Kids Of The Future".