Famous hip-hop trio from TheNineties. The members of the group are rapper/singer/producer Wyclef Jean, rapper/singer/producer Lauryn Hill and rapper Pras Michel.

The group is known for jump-starting alternative hip-hop into the mainstream. Before The Fugees, most alternative hip-hop artists usually stayed in the underground. Now it's hard to get away from the scene, as roughly 50 percent of hip-hop heard on the radio is alternative.

Their first album, ''Blunted In Reality'', is rarely acknowledged, and when it is it's just considered [[SoOkayItsAverage So Okay It's Average]]. The album became an old shame for them after they released ''The Score'' in 1996. The album was critically praised and is considered a classic. Notable on the album was "Killing Me Softly", which was a Roberta Flack cover, arguably done better than the original.

After the album, the group split up to for a series of solo careers: LaurynHill has had the most successful, winning Grammys, releasing the album ''The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill'' (which later became a source of controversy when Hill was revealed to have not written most of the album's music), while Wyclef has had a semi-successful solo career, gaining acclaim for his debut solo album ''The Carnival'' and subsequently scoring top 5 hits with Carlos Santana, Music/DestinysChild and {{Shakira}}.

Unfortunately for the group, it was later revealed that Wyclef and Lauryn Hill had been on-again, off-again lovers and that during production of Hill's solo album the two had a nasty falling out that derailed any chances for a full-time reunion (though the trio have done some one-off shows).
While Wyclef and Pras continue to record, Hill has become a ReclusiveArtist.

!!This musical trio provides examples of:
* AlbumFiller: ''The Score'' has filler moments after each song. Most of it still worth listening to, since it is pretty humorous.
* CoverVersion: Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly" and Music/BobMarley's "No Woman No Cry".
* {{Garfunkel}}: Pras.