The Buggles were a band in the 1980s, recognized for the first video played on Creator/{{MTV}}, "Video Killed the Radio Star". Its members include Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, who both would contribute to the Music/{{Yes}} album ''Drama'' during Jon Anderson's and Rick Wakeman's absence, and the latter of whom would become part of the ProgressiveRock band Music/{{Asia}}. Trevor Horn would go on to become one of the music industry's most in-demand producers and helped shaped the characteristic sound of '80s pop music.

!!! "Tropes Killed the Radio Star":
* EndOfAnAge: "Video Killed The Radio Star" (for radio), "Elstree" (for the British film industry)
* KissMeImVirtual: "I Love You Miss Robot".
* IAmTheBand: ''Adventures in Modern Recording'' is pretty much a Trevor Horn solo album, as Geoff Downes had joined Asia.
* LyricalDissonance (if not outright HypocriticalHumor): Pretty much their entire output was synthesised shiny hypermodern machine pop... bemoaning the impact of technology on modern life.
* RaygunGothic: Most of their lyrics.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe: They did, though whoever designed their sleeves didn't always.
* SpiritualSuccessor: Trevor Horn's production work is arguably The Buggles with different people fronting it.