The Berzerker is an extreme metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The band has described themselves as [[IndustrialMetal Industrial]] [[DeathMetal Death]] [[{{Grindcore}} Grind]].

Their official website is [[ here]].

Current lineup:
* Luke Kenny (vocals)
* Todd Hansen (drums)
* Damien Palmer (bass)
* Martin Germ Bermheden (guitar)
* Ed Lacey (guitar)

Albums are:
* [[SelfTitledAlbum The Berzerker]] (2000)
* Dissimulate (2002)
* World of Lies (2005)
* Animosity (2007)
* The Reawakening (2008)

! This band and their music provides examples of:
* [[DeathMetal Death]][[{{Grindcore}} grind]]
* GenreBusting: [[IndustrialMetal Industrial]] [[DeathMetal Death]] [[{{Grindcore}} Grind]].
* EpicRocking: In the album ''World of Lies'', the last song is a 20 minute ''instrumental''.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: They are usually at 10 or 11, but their last album ''The Reawakening'' lowers it down to a 9-10.
* MotorMouth: Quite a few of their songs, but especially ''Committed to Nothing'', ''Forever'', ''Black Heart'', and ''Burn the Evil'', the last of which takes this to UpToEleven