[[caption-width-right:350:The pre-''We Rule the Night''/classic line up]]

->''I see smoke from the eden fire!''
-->-- '''Sonic Syndicate''', ''Denied''

Sonic Syndicate are a MelodicDeathMetal and Main/{{Metalcore}} band from Falkenberg, Sweden. They formed in 2002 as Fallen Angels, a moniker that was eventually dropped three years later. The band started gaining significant momentum with their second release ''[[NewSoundAlbum Only Inhuman]]'' and followed it up a year later with the similar-sounding ''Love and Other Disasters'' LP. After this the band fell on hard times: clean vocalist Roland left due to personal reasons and successor Nathan James Biggs was hired. With Nathan came more than merely a new vocalist, there was namely pressure from their record label to [[ExecutiveMeddling adopt a more commercial sound]], the resulting album polarized the fans and eventually pushed Richard to quit the band.

* Nathan James Biggs - Clean/Harsh vocals, Lyrics (2009 - present)
* Robin Sjunnesson - Guitar (2002 - present), Harsh vocals (2011-present)
* Michel Barzen - Bass (2015 - present)
* John Bengtsson - Drums/Percussion (2006 - present)

'''Touring Members''':
* Christoffer Andersson - Harsh vocals (2010 - 2011)

'''Former Members''':
* Richard Sjunnesson - Harsh vocals, Lyrics (2002 - 2010)
* Roland Johansson - Clean/Harsh Vocals (2006 - 2009); did some additional vocals on ''Eden Fire''
* Kristoffer Bäcklund - Drums (2002 - 2006)
* Andreas Mårtensson - Keyboard (2002 - 2006)
* Magnus Svensson - Bass (2002 - 2004)
* Karin Axelsson - Bass (2004 - 2015); provided female vocals on ''Eden Fire''
* Roger Sjunnesson - Guitar/Keyboard/Programming (2002 - 2012)
* 2005 - ''Eden Fire'' - First release under the Sonic Syndicate name
* 2007 - ''[[NewSoundAlbum Only Inhuman]]'' - First release with Roland as a full member of the band
* 2008 - ''Love and Other Disasters'' - Last release with Roland
* 2009 - ''Burn This City'' EP - First release with Nathan
* 2010 - ''We Rule the Night'' - Last release with Roger and Richard
* 2014 - ''[[Main/{{SelfTitled Album}} Sonic Syndicate]]'' - Final recording with Karin
!Tropes associated with Sonic Syndicate:
* NewSoundAlbum: Throughout their career, the band has had two major ones:
** ''Only Inhuman'' ~ A greater emphasis on clean singing, as well as the introduction of metalcore elements a la Music/{{Killswitch Engage}}
** ''We Rule the Night'' ~ The melodeath traces of their first three albums had all but diminished, bringing more attention to the group's poppier influences.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: The cover art for their debut album depicts a female vampire/angel hybrid, who is also a {{cyborg}}.
* ReverseGrip: Richard and Roland would occasionally do this with their ''[[RuleOfCool microphones]]''.
* SignatureStyle: The typical Sonic Syndicate track is a decent balance of Gothenburg-inspired melodeath sounds and pop-oriented metalcore. Verse-chorus structures are to be anticipated alongside abrasive and simultaneously energetic instrumentation. There also tends to be this dynamic where both clean and harsh vocals are utilized, not unlike any of the band's contemporaries.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Longtime bassist Karin Axelsson (who quit the band in 2015 for personal reasons) filled this particular role.
* SopranoAndGravel: Ex-contributors Roland and Richard, respectively speaking. Meanwhile, Nathan is capable of handling both of these, especially on ''Sonic Syndicate''.
* StartMyOwn: Former members Richard, Roger, and Roland alongside current Sonic Syndicate drummer John would eventually form a project together called The Unguided. Both stylistically and thematically, said ensemble recalls ''Eden Fire'' more often than not.
* VocalTagTeam: In the case of ''Only Inhuman'' and ''Love and Other Disasters'', Richard Sjunnesson and Roland Johansson. Concerning only ''We Rule the Night'', Nathan Biggs and Richard.