An influential {{progressive metal}} band from the UK who combined a very technical, mathcore inspired sound with a melodic and experimental side. They formed in 1999, split up in 2008, and reformed in 2012. They've released two acclaimed albums and two [=EPs=]. From 2001, their lineup remained constant.

In the last few years, the increased popularity of djent has seen them gain a lot of attention due to their undeniable influence on a lot of recent bands, as well as other progressive bands such as Music/ProtestTheHero, who have stated they are their biggest influence.

* Mikee Goodman - Vocals
* Justin Hill - Vocals
* Dan Weller - Guitar
* Graham "Pin" Pinney - Guitar
* James Leach - Bass
* Dan "Loord" Ford - Drums

* ''The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something Wild'' (2003)
* ''Death of a Dead Day'' (2006)

!!Tropes that apply to [=SikTh=]:
* AlternativeMetal
* AnimatedMusicVideo: "How May I Help You?".
* AscendedFanboy: On the poster for Download Festival 2014's line-up, they were placed next to Down: they are huge fans of Phil Anselmo's work. Phil himself also fits this, as he is a fan and him and Justin have met each other at least once.
* TheBandMinusTheFace: Mikee and Justin both left the band. Unable to find new vocalists, they split up soon afterward.
** Weirdly played with on "Peep Show", as on that track Justin sings but Mikee doesn't.
* BasedOnATrueStory: Some fans think that "Hold my Finger" is based on a real relationship Mikee had. He has never confirmed whether it really is autobiographical.
* CoolPlane: Sort of. Mikee owns a flying camera which is able to fly at up to 1000 feet into the air. Why? [[RuleOfCool Because it's cool, of course!]]
* CoverVersion: Of Music/NickCave's "Tupelo". Despite being about as far from technical metal as you can get, they hardly changed anything. And it ''works''.
* EpicRocking: Mostly averted. Despite their highly experimental nature, they only have two songs over 7 minutes.
* EruditeStoner: Mikee is very possibly this.
* FollowTheLeader: Massive influence on Djent and Tech Metal. Ash Cook of Valis Ablaze's vocal style is heavily based on Mikee's, albeit with his own spin on it.
* GaiasVengeance: The video for "Bland Street Bloom".
* LargeHam: Mikee Goodman's vocal delivery. Subverted with Justin, who has a much more conventional vocal style.
* LonelyPianoPiece: Both parts of "Emersion".
* LonersAreFreaks: Rod is portrayed this way by everyone he meets in "How May I Help You?". [[spoiler:Even by his girlfriend Miranda, when he finds out what her job ''really'' is]].
* LyricalDissonance: A lot of their songs are fast, furious, and very noisy metal with lyrics that are entirely surreal or just stupid.
* {{Metalcore}}: Often get labeled as this, but it's mostly just the singing.
* ManOfAThousandVoices: Mikee Goodman is a lesser example - he doesn't do a lot of cleans, but he is more than able to belt out wailing screams akin to BlackMetal, raspy grunts, very fast rapping, scatting, and gurgling HarshVocals typical of DeathMetal.
* MetalScream: Plenty of screaming all over the place, some of it downright psychotic.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Usually around a solid 9, but they drop to about a 5 or 6 on softer songs, and max out at the 10-11 range in their harder material.
* MrExposition: The bartender in "How May I Help You?". [[spoiler:He reveals that Miranda is a prostitute]].
* NuMetal[=/=]AvantGardeMetal: Frequently associated with the genre, though they are among the most respected.
* OncePerEpisode: A spoken word poem about the environment done in Mikee's strange, intimidating voice.
* OneOfUs: Mikee is obsessed with ClintEastwood films. He also had a weird obsession with Download Festival in his youth (then called Monsters of Rock), and views SikTh playing Download twice as high points of his career.
* ToiletHumour: Rod's revenge method in "How May I Help You".[[spoiler:He puts laxatives into their tea]].
* ProgressiveMetal: Often crossing over into straight-up experimental.
* RedOniBlueOni:
** TheLeader: Mikee and Pin.
** TheLancer: Justin and Dan.
** This is made a lot more obvious in their other bands. In Colour (Dan's band) is basically a pop band, whereas Aliases (Pin's band) is as mental as it's possible to go without Mr. ManOfAThousandVoices and Outpatients (Mikee's band) is just plain fucked up.
* SingingSimlish
* SopranoAndGravel: Male example and Mikee and Justin can play either role.
* SurprisinglyGentleSong: They have a few more melodic songs, but each album has a distinct one: the poppy "Peep Show" from the first album, and the atmospheric "In This Light" from the second.
* SubduedSection: They like this a lot. They'll often have a jazzy, experimental section in a song, such as "Scent of the Obscene".
* VocalTagTeam: Mikee and Justin are one of the best examples of this.
* XMeetsY: Best described as Music/{{Korn}} meets Music/TheDillingerEscapePlan meets Music/{{Meshuggah}} meets Music/{{Atheist}}.