Shirley Bassey is a [[UsefulNotes/{{Wales}} Welsh]] singer born in 1937, affectionately and [[{{Spoonerism}} spooneristically]] referred to as "Burly Chassis".

Bassey is particularly noted for being the only person to have sung more than one of the ''Film/JamesBond'' {{Title Theme Tune}}s, including the themes for ''Film/{{Goldfinger}}'', ''Film/DiamondsAreForever'', ''Film/{{Moonraker}}'', and the original themes for ''Film/{{Thunderball}}'' ("Mr Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang") and ''Film/QuantumOfSolace'' ("No Good About Goodbye") before the studio decided to go with Tom Jones and Alicia Keys respectively.

Her other famous songs include:
* "Big Spender" ("Hey, Big Spender!")
* "As Long As He Needs Me" (From ''Theatre/{{Oliver}}'')
* "History Repeating" (a collaboration with Propellerheads)
* Believe it or not, a cover of "[[Music/{{Pink}} Get The Party Started]]" (even included on ''DancingOnIce'')

Bassey's singing style, the singing equivalent of ChewingTheScenery, has been much imitated:
* Geri Halliwell's "Look At Me" definitely has a hint of Bassey to it.
* At points - the {{Title Song}} for ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'', the song takes on the Bassey-style, appropriate considering the other Spy tropes it plays with.
* RichardCheese did a [[InTheStyleOf lounge cover]] of "[[Music/TheClash Rock the Casbah]]". [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8UaFWCJcAI Changing the pitch of it]] turns the cover into a dead-on Bassey pastiche.
* The opening theme for [[AustinPowers Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me]] is [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqzDAQaDQzY a parody]] of Bassey's [[Film/JamesBond Bond themes]].
* Music/RozaRymbaeva used this in her debut song "Alia."