Ryan Bingham (b. 1981) is an AlternativeCountry [[SingerSongwriter singer-songwriter]] from Hobbs, New Mexico.

Growing up in West Texas, he dropped out of school at 17 and worked as a rodeo bull rider before recording 2007's ''Mescalito'', an album of rough, rocking outlaw country. He followed that with ''Roadhouse Sun'' (2009) and the mellower ''Junky Star'' (2010).

His breakthrough came when he wrote "The Weary Kind" for the film ''Film/CrazyHeart''. The song won the Oscar for Best Original Song, and Ryan had a [[TheCameo cameo]] in the film itself.

His latest album, ''Tomorrowland'' (2012), sees him moving from country to a fuller (though still primitive) roots rock sound in the vein of Music/BruceSpringsteen, and rebellious lyrics inspired by the Occupy Movement.

* ClusterFBomb: "Guess Who's Knocking".
* TheDrifter: "Bread and Water" and other songs.
* EverythingIsBigInTexas
* HarshVocals
* MurderBallad: "Junky Star".
* ProtestSong: "Dollar A Day", "Beg for Broken Legs", "I Heard 'Em Say", "Rising of the Ghetto".
* ThreeChordsAndTheTruth: up to ''Tomorrowland''.