A British industrial-metal (and later on, electronic-rock) band formed in 1989. Initially playing a minimalistic, sludgy, and very heavy variation of industrial metal reminiscent of ''Streetcleaner''-era Music/{{Godflesh}}, Pitch Shifter later added elements from electronica, such as drum 'n bass and jungle-inspired percussion, resulting in positive critical attention and relatively good (though still modest) sales for releases like ''www.pitchshifter.com''. Since their (to date) last album release ''PSI'' in 2002, the band has become largely dormant, only playing the occasional festival and releasing an EP, though there have been rumours of a new album flying around since 2009, with a new album scheduled for release in 2012.

The current lineup is:

* J.S. Clayden - vocals/programming, lyrics, backing vocals on ''Industrial''.
* Mark Clayen - bass, vocals and lyrics on ''Industrial''.
* Jason Bowld - drums/percussion.
* Dan Rayner - lead guitar (live member).
* Tim Rayner - rhythm guitar (live member).


* ''Industrial'' (1991)
* ''Submit'' mini-album (1992)
* ''Desensitized'' (1993)
* ''Infotainment?'' (1996)
* ''[[NewSoundAlbum www.pitchshifter.com]]'' (1998)
* ''Deviant'' (2000)
* ''PSI'' (2002)

!!This band contains the following trope examples:

* ContemptibleCover: ...Well, once you realize what/who it is. The album cover of ''Industrial'' is a movie still taken from the film ''Blue Velvet'', lifted directly from the scene where [[spoiler: Frank Booth [[PrettyLittleHeadshots gets shot in the head]].]]
* ClusterFBomb: "Keep It Clean" and "Everything's Fucked"
** "Landfill" as well:
----> Hate!/I hate/you motherfucker!
* FollowTheLeader: ''Industrial'' and ''Submit'' owe quite a bit to early-period Godflesh. It's even theorized that the blurred face on the cover of ''Industrial'' is that of Justin Broadrick. [[note]]Though unfortunately, this theory is in fact false. See ContemptibleCover above for more info on that.[[/note]]
* GenreShift: Take a listen to both ''Industrial'' and ''PSI'' and you'll see how much the band changed drastically within ten years.
* IconicLogo: The PSI eye.
* IndustrialMetal
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Around a 9 for ''Industrial'' and ''Submit'', 9-8 for ''Desensitized'', 8-7 for ''Infotainment'', and then ranging from 6 to 8 for ''www.pitchshifter.com'' onwards.
* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: They mix IndustrialMetal with DrumAndBass, jungle music, HardcorePunk and AlternativeMetal. Yeah, sounds quite fetched, but they actually made it work.
* {{Sampling}}: As well as incorporating dialogue samples into some of their songs, Pitch Shifter offered a collection of samples for use on their albums ''Infotainment?'' and ''www.pitchshifter.com''.
* UsefulNotes/{{Skinheads}}: The band was full of these during the ''Desensitized'' and ''Infotainment'' periods of their career, and made a point to let everyone know that they ''weren't'' part of the neo-Nazi variety.
* ThreeChordsAndTheTruth
* TVNeverLies: One of Pitch Shifter's main concerns is the relation between media and government/corporate control.
* WordSaladLyrics: Much of ''Industrial''''s lyrics sheet consists of words or short phrases that complement the harsh music, but don't scan too well.
* YouDontLookLikeYou: As the band's sound has changed, so has frontman J.S. Clayden's appearance. Compare his look in the page photo to [[http://www.last.fm/music/Pitchshifter/+images/55216815 this photo]] from the ''Submit'' EP.[[note]]J.S. is the kneeling guy closest to the camera.[[/note]]