Pink Cream 69 is a german HardRock band. It's known for being the band where Andreas "Andi" Deris sung before leaving to be Music/{{Helloween}}'s singer.

The band was formed in 1987, after Kymera, a band formed by Deris, drummer Kosta Zafiriou and bassist Dennis Ward, disbanded. They gained their first contract by winning Metal Hammer's newcomer competition in Ludwigsburg one year after forming.

In 1994, Andi Deris left the band to join Helloween. He was replaced by David Readman.

The band, often referred to as The Pinkies, became a five-piece in 2003, when Uwe Reitenauer was hired to support Alfred Koffler, who suffered from neuropathy.

!Actual lineup
* ''David Readman'' - Vocals
* ''Alfred Koffler'' - Guitars
* ''Uwe Reitenauer'' - Guitars
* ''Dennis Ward'' - Bass
* ''Kosta Zafiriou'' - Drums

!Past members
* ''Andreas "Andi" Deris'' - Vocals (1987/1994)

* 1989 - ''Pink Cream 69''
* 1991 - ''One Size Fits All''
* 1993 - ''Games People Play''
* 1995 - ''Change''
* 1997 - ''Food for Thought''
* 1998 - ''Electrified''
* 2000 - ''Sonic Dynamite''
* 2000 - ''Mixery'' (EP)
* 2001 - ''Endangered''
* 2004 - ''Thunderdome''
* 2007 - ''In10sity''

!The band shows examples of
* CoverVersion: "[[Music/{{Queen}} We Will Rock You]]", "[[Music/ThePolice Truth Hits Everybody]]", "[[Music/TheWho Pinball Wizard]]", "[[Music/TheKnack My Sharona]]", and "[[Music/MotleyCrue Looks That Kill]]".
* DarkerAndEdgier: ''Games People Play'' was a heavier and more thematically serious album; the previous two albums were largely about relationships/sexual intercourse or partying.
* IntercourseWithYou: "Sugar for Love," "Welcome the Night," "Parasite"
* LargeHam: Andi Deris
* PowerBallad: "One Step Into Paradise"
* StalkerWithACrush: "Till You're Mine"
* {{Supergroup}}: Dennis, Kosta and Uwe were involved with Michael Kiske, former Helloween singer, in a project called Place Vendome, alongside the keyboardist [[VandenPlas Gunther Werno]]. Dennis and Kosta are now featured in "Michi"'s new project, Unisonic, alongside long time guitarist Mandy Meyer.
* TheBandMinusTheFace: Averted; the band stayed together and continued to be successful with David Readman. Plus, many Helloween fans found out about Pink Cream 69 through wanting to hear music performed by Andi Deris.
* VillainsActHeroesReact: In "Sugar for Love," the lyrics suggest that Andi or Doogie or David or TheHero likes when his girl is sad ''(Hear you crying, I can't get enough)'' so that he can cheer her up and get sex as a reward ''(I hear you crying, sugar for love).''