Parenthetical Girls (formerly The Swastika Girls) is a highly experimental band that were flirting with orchestral pop, but have now moved on to a more restrained, electronic composion. Older works were mainly bells and buzzing. Their only constant is the presence of Zac Pennington and his marvelous lyrics.
Current Band Members:
* Zac Pennington- those are male vocals, and helps
* Rachael Jensen-share
* Eddy Crichton-assorted
* Jherek Bischoff-instrumental
* Freddy Ruppert-duties
* AntiChristmasSong: Pretty much every Christmas release, especially so during Do You Fear What I fear?
* AttendingYourOwnFuneral: Zac Pennington has done this twice (so far).
* BirthDeathJuxtaposition: "The Weight She Fell Under." After the gory details of the girl's death,
-->strange, this would come at the same age
-->that your mother took his name
-->and labor pains would collapse her fragile frame
* CampStraight: Zac Pennington is the living embodiment of Camp Straight, and is known for his androgyny and effeminacy, but is reportedly straight.
* ChristmasSongs: Four albums worth!
* CouldntFindAPen: Their new 5-part record-only-release, Privilege, is hand numbered in the actual blood of the corresponding band member/cover star.
* DirtyOldMonk: "Young Eucharists"
* SexAsRiteOfPassage: The focus of "Unmentionables."
* IntercourseWithYou: Too many to list. Most blatantly Love Connection pt. 2.
* PeacefulInDeath: The Weight She Fell Under
* SuicidePact: "The Four Platitudes"
* TextlessAlbumCover: Entanglements, (((Grrls))), & Safe As Houses
* TwistedChristmas: Flowers For Albion, in particular.