[[ OverClocked ReMix]] is a website and musical community "dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form." Naturally, it focuses on remixes of video game music. Since 1999, it has been a place for musicians to perfect and share their work, and has accumulated over 2,500 remixes, covering games on everything from the {{Amiga}} to the Xbox and ranging from hard-rock to classical to trance/electronica and everything in-between. Besides hosting individual tracks, the site has also allowed artists to collaborate on remix projects, starting with the acclaimed ''VideoGame/SuperMetroid'' album ''[[ Relics of the Chozo]]'' in 2003.

These aren't just a few amateurs messing around with keyboards and chiptunes - some of these guys are pro musicians who offer remixes on the side, while a few have gone on to do work in the video game industry after getting exposure on [=OC ReMix=] (see below). Thanks to a panel of judges that assures quality control, the majority of the music on the site can qualify as CrowningMusicOfAwesome, depending on your tastes, and in some cases, it's better than the original music that's being remixed. And it's all ''absolutely free'' to download.

There was a general bias towards techno remixes early in the site's history. However, due to advances in samples and decreasing costs for quality home studios, it has since expanded to include rock, folk, acoustic, jazz, and even orchestrated symphonic mixes as more musicians contribute to the site.

[=OC ReMix=] had a CrowningMomentOfAwesome in 2008 when several artists from the site [[PromotedFanboy were tapped to handle the Remixed soundtrack]] for Capcom's ''Super StreetFighter II Turbo HD Remix''. And it ''rocked''.

The site has its own [[ YouTube channel]] ([[ subscription]]) for those who prefer to stream instead of download, with pretty much every track you can find on the site available to listen to.

The site celebrated its ten-year anniversary in December of 2009, officially making it an Internet LongRunner.

The list of recommended remixes has been moved to the [[AwesomeMusic/OverClockedRemix Awesome Music subpage.]] Please put your recommendations there.
* AffectionateParody: Has one of its own in [[ OverLooked ReMiX]]. It even has a judges panel and a small but dedicated community.
* CelebrityEndorsement: Among OCR's contributors are veteran game composers George "The Fat Man" Sanger, Jeremy Soule, Alexander Brandon, David Wise, and Grant Kirkhope.
* {{Chiptune}}: This is specifically {{defied|Trope}} by the judges, who will reject any straight chiptune arrangements. However, you can get away with using 8-bit synthesizers as long as they're not the only instruments. [[ halc]] in particular is known for using a chiptune + drums style he calls "9-bit".
* ContemptibleCover: [[ The cover for their]] SuperDodgeBall album is a tad... risque, even if it's not the real cover.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: In the [[ Sonic Zone Remix Competition]], one of the finalists collaborated with three of his defeated opponents for the last round.
* LongRunner - Originally founded in December 1999. By internet standards, this site is practically ancient.
* ProductPlacement - Mentioned at least OnceAnEpisode on the video game music podcast NitroGameInjection, which also plays at least one song from the site on almost every episode. Considering Larry Oji, OCR's Head Submissions Evaluator, is a co-host of the show, well...
* PromotedFanboy
** The site's members were chosen by Capcom to provide the arranged soundtrack for ''Super VideoGame/StreetFighterII Turbo HD Remix''. The soundtrack was released digitally as a [[ free download]] on [=OC ReMix=].
** Eidos Montreal commissioned and promoted their free ''Deus Ex'' series album ''[[ Sonic Augmentation]]''.
** A number of [=OC ReMixers=] have gone on to create the soundtracks for several independent and AAA game releases.
*** [[ Mattias Häggström Gerdt]] has composed the music for several games, most notably ''Kaleidoscope'', ''The Perfect Match'' and Mojang's ''Scrolls''.
*** [[ Jillian Aversa]] has provided vocals for ''God of War: Ghost of Sparta'', ''Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary'', expansion packs for ''Civilization IV'' and ''V'', and vocals and composition for ''Soulcalibur V''.
*** [[ zircon]] crafted the soundtrack for the shooter ''Fittest'', arranged music for ''Monkey Island 2: Special Edition'', and composed music for ''Soulcalibur V''.
*** [[ Danny Baranowsky]] is well-known for the soundtracks to ''Canabalt'', the ''VideoGame/MeatBoy'' series, and ''The Binding of Isaac''.
*** [[ Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson]] composed the music to ''Puzzlejuice'', and contributed music to ''Mass Effect 2'' and ''Call of Duty: Black Ops II''.
*** Lee Brotherton, under the name [[ LeeBro]], contributed several Sonic the Hedgehog [=ReMixes=]. He went on to head Remix Factory, which contributed tracks to ''ShadowTheHedgehog'' and ''SonicRivals''. He was also the vocalist on the ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006'' song "Dreams of an Absolution". Currently, he is known as Bentley Jones.
* SpinOff - Several, including the aforementioned [[ OLR]], [[ ReMix:ThaSauce]] (in itself a SpinOff of the video game music news site ThaSauce, and originally began as an AprilFools joke), and the most popular, [[ VGMix]] (now defunct), which had an open song submission system and began as a TakeThat against OCR, but has since reconciled. The site itself is actually a spinoff of a webcomic called [[ OverClocked]]. The comic has been silently discontinued (the last update was in 2001), while OCR has become the main focus of the site staff.
* WithLyrics - A fair amount of remixes do this, in everything from PissTakeRap (ever wondered what it would be like to hear a [[FinalFantasy cactuar]] or [[SeriesMascot tonberry]] rap a few lines? [[ Wonder no more!]]) to epic {{One Woman Wail}}s.
* WordSaladLyrics - The lyrical content of [[ this remix]] of {{Paperboy}} by Navi consists of nothing but this.