An American HardRock[=/=]Pop-Metal band from TheEighties best known for the PowerBallad "Sister Christian", Night Ranger are lead by singer and bass guitarist Jack Blades and released several popular singles and albums. While their popularity abated in America after the end of the decade, they remain enormously popular in Japan.

Outside of the Night Ranger, bandleader Jack Blades has been a member of the {{Supergroup}} Damn Yankees alongisde guitarist Music/TedNugent, and Tommy Shaw of {{Music/Styx}}.

!!Associated Tropes:

* AntiLoveSong: "Don't Tell Me You Love Me".
* BackToBackBadasses: The guitar duo of Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson are the musical embodiment of this.
* CanonDiscontinuity: Invoked on the album "Feeding off the Mojo", which contained just two of the original band members (and Gary Moon was the third, and only other), with plenty of songs written by external songwriters. They named their eighth album "Seven".
* HardRock
* HeavyMeta: "(You Can Still) Rock in America", written to counter critics' "rock is dead" accusations.
* LeadBassist: Jack Blades is a Type B mixed with Type C
* LoudnessWar: Averted at least on their first albums, which have an unquestionably wide dynamic range. Paired with SubduedSection for maximum effect.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: From 3 to 6.
* OneWomanSong: "Penny".
* PowerBallad: "Sister Christian" and many others.
* VocalTagTeam: Apart from bassist/lead singer Jack Blades, drummer Kelly Keagy sings lead on many songs, including "Sister Christian" (their biggest hit).