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->''You got the right stuff, baby,''
->''Love the way you turn me on.''
->''You got the right stuff, baby,''
->''You're the reason why I sing this song.''
-->-- "You Got It (The Right Stuff)"

New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB, are a [[{{Southies}} Bostonian]] BoyBand. For whatever reason, their [[ExecutiveMeddling Imposing Manager]] named the group Nynuk when it first formed (to this day, nobody is quite sure ''what'' he was thinking). Thank Donnie Wahlberg and Creator/ColumbiaRecords for the group's current moniker; Donnie wrote the song "New Kids on the Block" for the first album, and Columbia said they'd give the group a record contract provided they changed their name. The rest is history.

Originally conceived as a [[RaceLift white version]] of Music/NewEdition (seriously), they enjoyed several years of major success in the late [[TheEighties 80's]] and early [[TheNineties 90's]], but declining sales, internal strife, and accusations of lip-syncing and other issues led to the group disbanding in 1994. Most of the members went on to solo musical careers, and Donnie Wahlberg became a successful actor. They got back together in 2008, released a new album, and held a very successful [[http://www.thenewkidsforever.com/ reunion tour]] and a tour in 2011 co-headlining with the Music/BackstreetBoys. A new album was released on April 2, 2013, along with a joint tour with Music/NinetyEightDegrees and Music/BoyzIIMen. In 2015 they toured with Music/{{Nelly}} and Music/{{TLC}}, and in 2017 with Boyz II Men and Music/PaulaAbdul.

They also had a short-lived [[WesternAnimation/NewKidsOnTheBlock animated series]] in the early 90s.

NKOTB is one of the {{Trope Codifier}}s, if not TropeMakers, for subsequent {{Boy Band}}s.

* Donnie Wahlberg (older brother to Creator/{{Mark|Wahlberg}} "[[OldShame Marky Mark]]" Wahlberg)
* Danny Wood
* Joey [=McIntyre=]
* Jordan Knight
* Jonathan Knight (Jordan's older brother)

* 1986 - ''New Kids On The Block''
* 1988 - ''Hangin' Tough''
* 1989 - ''Merry, Merry Christmas''
* 1990 - ''Step By Step''
* 1991 - ''No More Games - The Remix Album''
* 1994 - ''Face The Music''
* 2008 - ''The Block''
* 2011 - ''NKOTBSB'' (combined NKOTB and BSB hits album along with three new songs with everyone singing together)
* 2013 - ''10''
* 2017 - ''Thankful'' (5-song EP)

!!NKOTB provides examples of the following tropes:

* CelebrityEndorsement:
** During their original run, the band endorsed name-brand products during their most popular years. Most notably, Coca-Cola, which peaked with a contest run by the soda company that tied into their Magic Summer tour. Sadly, the "Magic Cans" caused a lot more grief than expected. (Your Golden Ticket was supposed to pop up through the opening of the can if you won. This did not work so well in practice.)
** Since his mother's death from breast cancer, Danny has become an outspoken supporter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, with proceeds from some of NKOTB's merchandise during the reunion tour and all of the profits from his solo album ''Stronger: Remember Betty'' going to the Foundation.
** Jordan did promotions for Old Navy's summer wardrobe in 2012, including [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78GJ_4YQqsw riding in on a bicycle cart]] and [[http://mashable.com/2012/06/20/jordan-knight-old-navy/ a fake "album"]] about their catalog.
* ChristmasSongs: ''Merry, Merry Christmas'', combining Christmas standards with original songs that were of...questionable quality.
* ClusterFBomb:
** Original run: [[AvertedTrope The closest they ever came]] was a "No way/Bullshit!" loop in ''Face the Music'''s opening track.
** At the end of the reunion tour, Donnie and Jordan sang a duet about how far up shit creek they'd be if it wasn't for the backing musicians.
** Solo material: Joey's live album ''One Too Many'', where the language flows freely between songs...and frequently interrupts them. For example:
---> '''Joey''': *''singing''* ''Up here we're one big happy family''\\
''Riding'' - aw, they're gonna sue me and shit! "Joe, you did great but you broke the fuckin' piano! Come back anytime!"
* CoverVersion: Jordan covered Music/{{Prince}}'s "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man" on his debut solo album, and did several covers on ''Love Songs''.
* EightiesHair: What did you expect?
* {{Fanservice}}: We could spend a whole paragraph on this. It's probably enough just to note that there was a lot of it. Now that they're back together, it's even more prevalent. The 2015 tour with Music/{{Nelly}} and Music/{{TLC}} ramped this up even more by featuring a "Change Cam" in one of the changing rooms under the stage.
* HotterAndSexier: In spades since the reunion. ''The Block'' is very racy, and now that all five are approaching middle age and most have kids, none are shy about showing off for the ladies[[note]]Jon generally being the exception, of course[[/note]].
* IntercourseWithYou:
** Mostly averted in their original run and on ''10''.
** ''The Block'' plays this very straight, depending on the song.
** In their solo material, Jordan uses this a ''lot'', with [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Give It to You"]] being one of the best examples. Joey and Donnie also use it fairly regularly. Danny used it a lot more in his earlier HipHop[=/=]electronic material than his pop rock albums.
* IWasQuiteAFashionVictim: Since the reunion, a favorite tactic of interviewers is to bring up group photos of themselves exemplifying 80s and 90s fashion and causing groans of embarrassment (especially in regards to their hair). They're even more embarrassed about the Cosby-sweaters they wore for their first album cover.
* MoodDissonance: Jordan's solo song "Give It to You" is '''very''' steamy; the video has him dancing in an amusement park.
* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: A remarkable (and presumably unintentional) put-down to their young female fanbase in "Tonight": "''Remember when we travelled 'round the world?/We met a lot of people '''and girls'''''".
* OldShame: [[invoked]] [[https://www.buzzfeed.com/iramadison/new-kids-on-the-block-react-to-their-embarrassing-80s-mercha?utm_term=.jsq5gLbKJ#.scwWPBXq2 The cover]] of their Christmas album is not looked on fondly.
-->'''Donnie''': That is the worst album cover in the history of music.
* PrecisionFStrike:
** Subverted with "Grown Man"; the two places where profanities would fit were replaced with effects or wordplay.
** These show up in banter and lyrics when they're performing live, especially from Donnie and Joey.
* TheQuietOne: Jon. {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d frequently by the rest of the group, and sometimes by Jon himself when he ''does'' talk. He's much more vocal and active on Website/{{Twitter}} and Instagram.
* SelfTitledAlbum: The group's debut album, and Jordan's first solo album.
* SeriousBusiness: ''Still'' after all these years. We need a sociologist to get to the bottom of the dedication of Boston-based fandoms. They're like the Red Sox of music...
* ShirtlessScene:
** At least one photo from most of Danny's solo albums, if not all the art.
** The live video of "Baby I Believe In You" has Jordan wearing an open white shirt that totally showed off his chest and abs; he recycled this for his solo routine during the first part of the reunion tour.
** Starting with the NKOTBSB tour, this is pretty much expected from everyone except Jon at least once per show.
* SillyLoveSongs: Take a shot every time they say "girl". By the ''Hangin' Tough'' album, snarky critics started wondering if they were actually singing to a woman ''named'' Girl.
* StraightGay: Jon. Lampshaded during the 2017 show in UsefulNotes/{{Nashville}} when, after being joined on stage by Music/CarrieUnderwood to sing "Happy Birthday" to Joey and Danny and accompany Jon in singing NKOTB's "Happy Birthday", Donnie quipped "That's the first time he's sung to a girl in 30 years and meant it!"
* TakeThat:
** ''Face the Music'''s first track was a Take That of sorts to the lip-syncing accusations and other criticisms the group had been facing during that time.
** Some of Joey's songs have taken sly jabs at the Music/BackstreetBoys, Music/{{NSYNC}}, and Music/BritneySpears. (Although he is actually friends with them, it comes off as more like ribbing than anything.)
* TallDarkAndHandsome: Jordan, who takes full advantage of it for {{Fanservice}}.