Neuraxis is a Canadian technical/melodic death metal band. Characterized by their unique riffing style, the band has worked hard over the years to become one of the biggest forces in the Quebec technical death scene, in addition to having had just about every notable death metal musician from Quebec and Ontario in their ranks at one time or another.

Formed in Montreal in 1994 by Maynard Moore (vocals), Steven Henry and Felipe Quinzanos (guitars), Yan Thiel (bass), and Mathieu Royale (drums), the band spent several years honing their craft at the start; come 1997, ''Imagery'' hit, though Quinzanos had left by that time and was replaced by Rob Milley. Several assorted demos followed in the four years between that album and ''A Passage into Forlorn'', their second full-length, along with multiple vocalist and drummer shifts, and by the time that album hit, the mic and kit were being manned by Ian Campbell and [[Music/DespisedIcon Alexandre Erian]], respectively. A deal with the Montreal-based indie label Galy Music was inked that following year, and with it came the third full-length, ''Truth Beyond...'', which featured the same lineup for once. Erian left that following year to strike out on his own with his new band Despised Icon, and Etienne Gallo briefly took his place before leaving as well and being replaced by Tommy [=McKinnon=], forming the ''Trilateral Progression'' lineup, with said album dropping that same year. Another lineup shift took place in 2006, with Henry being the one to leave this time and William Seghers taking his place. Campbell left the year after that and was replaced by Alex [=LeBlanc=], and with that lineup came a live album that year and ''The Thin Line Between'', another full-length, that following year. Of course, in true Neuraxis fashion, two more members left in 2009, with Thiel, the only remaining founder, being one of them, along with [=McKinnon=]. Thankfully, the two Oliviers (Pinard and Beaudoin, respectively) came along to replace them, and all was well for another year or so until Seghers left in 2010 and was not replaced.

Undaunted, the band soldiered on and released ''Asylon'' in 2011, and with it came another round of touring. Things have slowed down since then, however, with Beaudoin leaving, Pinard joining Cryptopsy, and [=LeBlanc=]'s time being limited by his pro wrestling career, and while it hasn't been officially announced, the band is basically dead at this point.
* ''Imagery'' (1997)
* ''In Silence'' (1999) - demo
* ''Virtuosity'' (1999) - demo
* ''A Passage into Forlorn'' (2001)
* ''Truth Beyond...'' (2002)
* ''Truth | Imagery | Passage'' (2005) - compilation
* ''Trilateral Progression'' (2006)
* ''Live Progression'' (2007)
* ''The Thin Line Between'' (2008)
* ''Asylon'' (2011)
The band contains examples of the following tropes:
* AGoodNameForARockBand: The neuraxis is the axis of the central nervous system and denotes its direction.
* EpicRocking: "The Apex" at 6:00 and "The Thin Line Between" at 8:32.
* IAmTheBand: Rob Milley as of now.
* InNameOnly: No founding members remain; Yan Thiel, the last one to leave, departed in 2009.
* MelodicDeathMetal: One of the heavier examples.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Hard 9 to a soft 10 for their entire career.
* OneSteveLimit: Averted when there were two Oliviers (Pinard and Beaudoin) in the band.
* PromotedFanboy: They've had a few over the years, namely Erian and [[Music/{{Abnormality}} Josh Staples]].
* RevolvingDoorBand: In the nineteen years that they have been around, there has been a truly jaw-dropping amount of lineup shifts.
* SpecialGuest: They've had a decent amount of these over the years, with [[Music/MiseryIndex Jason Netherton]], [[Music/DecrepitBirth Bill Robinson]], and Luc Lemay (Gorguts) being some of the more notable ones. Also, Oli Beaudoin is currently acting as one of these for Music/{{Kataklysm}} until Max Duhamel gets out of rehab.
* StartMyOwn: Erian with Despised Icon.
* TechnicalDeathMetal: Less in-your-face technical and more because of unusual riff structures and melodic ideas.