->''After everything we've learned,\\
We've finally come to terms;\\
We are the outsiders.''
-->--''"The Outsiders"'', "The Outsiders"

NEEDTOBREATHE (no, it's not a misspelling, that's what they go by) is an American [[Main/RockAndRoll Rock]] band who's placed on [[Main/RockAndRoll Rock]] and Main/{{Pop}} charts, though they're more commonly known for their [[Main/ChristianRock Christian Music]].

In 2006, NEEDTOBREATHE released their first album, ''Daylight'' in the [[UnitedKingdom UK]]. They began to [[GrowingTheBeard grow their beard]] in 2007, with the release of their second album, until they became most well-known for their third album, ''The Outsiders''. Since then, they have made numerous appearances, opening for people like TaylorSwift, and their songs being used for TV commercials and movie trailers. The group has also won multiple awards for their contemporary music.
'''Current Band Members'''
* Bear Rinehart (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano)
* Bo Rinehart (Backing Vocals, Guitar)
* Seth Bolt (Backing Vocals, Bass)

'''Retired Band Members'''
* Joe Stillwell (Drums)

* ''Daylight'' (2006)
* ''The Heat'' (2007)
* ''The Outsiders'' (2009)
* ''The Reckoning'' (2011)

!!This band's members, songs, and performances provide examples of:
* BaldOfAwesome: Joe Stillwell.
* ChristianRock
* {{Crossdresser}}: On one of their performances on TV, [[http://popheartetc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/needtobreatheconan2.jpg the band members were all dressed as women]]. Lead Singer Bear Rinehart was dressed as TaylorSwift.
* FollowYourHeart: "I was free as I could be, thinking love was not for me, till the night I met that girl named Tennessee!"
* NoNameGiven: The "Girl named Tennessee" wasn't actually ''named'' Tennessee, she was just from there and the guy didn't know her name.
* PreachersKid: Bear and Bo.
* TitleTrack: ''The Outsiders'' and ''The Reckoning''.
* UncommonTime: Experiments with changing time signatures on "Something Beautiful" - a notable example because it was actually released as a radio single, which is very uncommon nowadays.