Myzery is a underground rapper from New York. He is of Puerto Rican heritage, and can sometimes be heard rapping in Spanish.

Myzery was one of the first artists to be signed to Creator/PsychopathicRecords. Myzery's sister, Nancy, is married to Music/{{Jumpsteady}}, the brother of Music/InsaneClownPosse's Violent J. Jumpsteady persuaded Alex Abbiss and Violent J to sign Myzery, who recorded the EP ''Para La Isla'' for Psychopathic. Violent J later admitted that while the EP was "dope", it didn't appeal much to {{Juggalo}}s.

Myzery was dismissed from Psychopathic after he fought with Music/{{Twiztid}} and Music/BlazeYaDeadHomie. He continued to record music that [[CanonDiscontinuity he admitted himself wasn't very good]], before retiring from music. However, his friend accidentally started a rumor that he had died, before Myzery eventually revealed that it was his music career that was dead, and he is very much alive and well.

Myzery came out of retirement in 2012, and is in the process of recording new music.


!! Myzery provides examples of the following tropes:

* CanonDiscontinuity: A lot of his releases after leaving Psychopathic. He admires some of the songs he did, but says that a lot of them weren't any good. The compilation ''His.Story'' summarizes the best of his career. Notably, the compilation features the entirety of his Psychopathic release ''Para La Isla'', indicating that while many of his older recordings are embarrassing to him, he is very much proud of his Psychopathic recordings.
* GratuitousSpanish: In the song "Meat Cleaver" (a collaboration between ICP, Twiztid and Myzery), Myzery begins his verse in English and then trails off into Spanish.