Mogwai are a PostRock band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. They are also [[GenreBusting very hard to describe]], due to their eclecticism. A few constants, however, include their very legendary {{Instrumentals}}, their love of distortion and effects, and an average song length of about [[EpicRocking 6 minutes.]]

Their lineup has included:
* Stuart Braithwaite- Guitar, Vocals (1995-present)
* Dominic Aitchison- Bass, Guitar (1995-present)
* Martin Bulloch- Drums (1995-present)
* Barry Burns- Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Flute, Vocals (1998-present)
* Luke Sutherland- Violin, Guitar, Vocals (unofficial touring member, 1998-present)
* Brendan O'Hare- Keyboards, Guitar (1997)
* John Cummings- Guitar, Laptop (1995-2015)

Do not confuse with the creatures from ''Film/{{Gremlins}}''. Contrary to popular opinion, the band have {{Jossed}} that they named themselves after said creatures.

!Mogwai provide examples of...
* BaldOfAwesome: [[ Stuart]].
* {{Instrumentals}}: [[ExaggeratedTrope It'd be easier to list the songs that do have lyrics.]]
* LongRunnerLineUp: a Type 2 with Braithwaite, Aitchison, Bulloch, Burns and Cummings (and Sutherland, if you count him), lasting from 1998, when Burns (and Sutherland) joined, to 2015, when Cummings left.
* PerishingAltRockVoice: when the vocals appear at all.
* {{Sampling}}: Numerous tracks on ''Come On Die Young'' sample clips from random TV shows.