German pop duo consisting of Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen, formed in 1984, disbanded in 1987, before reuniting from 1998-2003, remixing some of the most successful hits from their original run like ''You're My Heart, You're My Soul'' and ''Brother Louie'', and regaining their popularity as Germany's top music group.

An African-American rapper, Eric Singleton, occasionally appeared in some of their music videos.

A few years after the group split up again, Bohlen was the subject of an animated film called ''Dieter: Der Film'', with Bohlen narrating and his cartoon self voiced by Bertram Hiese. The film focuses on Bohlen's career in music and personal life, with Anders also making an appearance.

!!This provides examples of the following:

* ArousedByTheirVoice: Thomas Anders.
* HellBentForLeather
* ItaloDisco: Their first incarnation.
* LiveEpisode: The band mostly performed live, for example on The Dome, and the Silvesterparty.
* TakeOffYourClothes: ''Sexy Sexy Lover''.
* WeAllLiveInAmerica: One of the music videos, ''Last Exit To Brooklyn''.