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May Nakabayashi (born October 21, 1989), better known by her [StageNames stage name]], May'n, is a young, amazingly talented RealLife IdolSinger from Japan. She participated in the 28th "Horipro - Talent Scout Caravan - Love Music - Audition", where she survived the final elimination round to become one of the top 4 out of 34,911 hopeful singers. [[ChildProdigy At Age 13.]] Her popularity exploded when she was made the singing voice of [[Anime/MacrossFrontier Sheryl Nome]], performing numerous J-Pop numbers written by Music/YokoKanno. Despite a blossoming career, Sheryl Nome still sells more albums than she does, mostly because of '''''[[Music/YokoKanno YOKO KANNO]]''''', though she did help May'n with one of her own songs.

In person, she is rumored to be very {{Moe}}, and she once sang a duet of [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Totsugeki Love Heart]] with ''[[MemeticMutation NEKKI BASA-]]''err, [[{{Anime/Macross 7}} Yoshiki Fukuyama]], an event which nearly [[ApocalypseWow destroyed the world]] [[CrazyAwesome with awesome]] (And you, too, can be witness to ThePowerOfRock thanks to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFGe6oc12rg YouTube]]!). Aside from her work as Sheryl Nome, she's also well-known for her work on the theme song to ''LightNovel/ShangriLa'' and a few other anime courtesy of May'n.

Has a movie coming out that is basically: '''MAY'N: [[TheMovie THE MOVIE]] - IN 3D'''. The trailer consists solely of May'n sitting in a plain white room with speech notes and a blatantly plain outfit telling the audience about the movie. [[http://www.mayn-movie.com/]] It is apparently a documentary and live concert, in 3D, of course.

* LightNovel/AccelWorld - Theme song: '''Chasin' the World'''.
* LightNovel/AriaTheScarletAmmo - Theme song: '''Scarlet Ballet'''.
* LoveGetChu - Theme song.
* Anime/MacrossFrontier - Singing Voice of Sheryl Nome (21 songs (roughly) and almost assuredly going to be the final count. The first of two movies gave her ''Eight'' new full-length songs. The second, alas, favored Ranka more, thus Sheryl only got one new full-length song, another version of Diamond Crevasse, and really the title song to the second movie. Seriously, [[spoiler: when you [[CouldntFindAPen write the lyrics to the song in your own blood]] like Sheryl did, you kinda own it]].)
* LightNovel/ShangriLa - [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Theme song.]]
* LightNovel/OokamiSan - Theme song.
* Series/KamenRiderFourze - Ending songs "Giant Step" and "Cosmic Mind" (along with Yoshiharu Shiina of Surface; the pair form a special group called Astronauts.) She also released a solo version on her newest album ''HEAT''.
* Anime/M3TheDarkMetal - Theme Song: Re:Remember, and Image Song: Darega Tameni

Not the biggest body of work, but Sheryl Nome is her own body of work. She also has a few solo albums as May'n, and a cluster of singles. Since becoming Sheryl Nome, she seems to release one Sheryl Nome cover per album, the first being a pretty straightforward version of Lion, where she sings both Sheryl's and Ranka's parts, and the second a much different version of Welcome To My [=FanClub=]'s Night (May'n On Stage!). She also apparently has an acoustic version of Diamond Crevasse bouncing around (a song which Sheryl Nome herself has three versions of. It itself is really second only to ''Do You Remember Love?'' and has made a compelling case for becoming a franchise staple song like ''Do You Remember Love?'' and ''My Boyfriend Is A Pilot''). Doubt of her singing abilities will be met with [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuamUornP8Y&feature=related extreme musical prejudice]].

! May'n provides examples of the following tropes:
* AnimeThemeSong: Plenty, see above.
* ChildProdigy: Began her professional career at 13 years of age.
* GratuitousEnglish: Occasionally...
* IdolSinger: Currently one of the most popular and prolific ones in the active scene
* OlderThanTheyLook: She's in her early 20s, though she appears to be a girl in her teenage years.