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Masterplan is a PowerMetal band formed by Uli Kusch and Roland Grapow in 2001 after the pair were fired from Music/{{Helloween}} for trying to go in a DarkerAndEdgier direction. They recruited Jorn Lande of the then recently broken up {{ARK}} to sing for them and released their self-titled debut in 2003. At that point, while Music/ChildrenOfBodom keyboardist Janne "Warman" Wirman contributed during a few recording sessions, Kusch, Grapow and Lande were the only full members. When it came time to tour, they recruited keyboardist Alex Mackenrott and then-former and current ''Music/IronSavior'' bassist Jan-Soren Eckert. With their now full line-up, they released ''Aeronautics'' in 2005.

However, the band had some problems in the backgroud, not long after the release of ''Aeronautics'', the band had a falling out with Lande, who cited CreativeDifferences for his departure, and, not too long after that, the rest of the band had another falling out with Uli Kusch, who quit for undisclosed reasons. Still, the band soldiered on and recruited vocalist [[ReplacementScrappy Mike DiMeo]] and drummer Mike Terrana to release ''MK II'' in 2007. They also announced that they were working on a fourth album around this time.

Despite FanDumb complaints of [=DiMeo=], things seemed steady for a while, but there were soon rumors that [=DiMeo=] was going to leave. These rumors were confirmed in January of 2009. They went on without a known vocalist until July of 2009, when it was announced that Jorn Lande had rejoined. Their fourth album, ''Time to be King'', was released on May 21st, 2010.

In 2012, Mike Terrana was replaced by Music/CradleOfFilth drummer Martin Marthus Skaroupka, Jorn Lande was dismissed, Grapow cited difficulties in contacting him, and was replaced by Rick Altzi of AtVance and Jan-Soren Eckert was replaced by Jari Kainulainen, formerly of Music/{{Stratovarius}}. A fifth album, titled "Novum Initium", was released on June 14, 2013.

Current Members:
* Rick Altzi: Vocals (2012-present)
* Roland Grapow: Guitar (2001-present)
* Jari Kainulainen: Bass (2012-present)
* Alex Mackenrott: Keyboard (2003-present)
* Martin Marthus Skaroupka: Drums (2012-present)

Former Members:
* Mike [=DiMeo=]: Vocals (2006-2009)
* Uli Kusch: Drums (2001-2006)
* Mike Terrana: Drums (2006-2012)
* Jan-Soren Eckert: Bass (2003-2012)
* Jorn Lande: Vocals (2001-2006, 2009-2012)

* ''Masterplan'' (2003)
* ''Aeronautics'' (2005)
* ''MK II'' (2007)
* ''Time to be King'' (2010)
* ''Novum Initium'' (2013)

Not to be confused with an EvilPlan or Music/{{Oasis}}' namesake album.

!The band shows examples of:
* AntiLoveSong: "When Love Comes Close"
* ContinuityNod: The chorus from "Spirit Never Die" shows up again under the last solo in "Black In The Burn".
* CoverVersion: "[[Music/LedZeppelin Black Dog]]".
* DarkerAndEdgier: Than Helloween. In fact, this was the reason of why Kusch and Grapow were fired.
* {{Determinator}}: "Spirit Never Die".
* EpicRocking: "Black In The Burn", which lasts almost 10 minutes.
* TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt: "Far From The End Of The World" tells the story of a group of refugees who narrowly escape a [[EarthShatteringKaboom vague apocalypse]] in search of a new place for humanity.
* HeavyMithril: Through their albums, there's the occasional fantasy theme, an album (''Aeronautics'') that is arguably about a pilot in UsefulNotes/WorldWarI and a significant amount of songs from ''Time to be King'' with science-fiction themes.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: '''MA! STER! PLAN!''' ''[[MetalScream Coming aliiiiiiive!]]''
* TitleDrop: In "Heroes"
--> We're the heroes of a new world/The ''Masterplan'''s rising...