Mary and the Black Lamb are a Gothic rock band from Ontario Canada. Lead singer Lindz Riot and guitarist Nixon Cutz formed the band in the autumn of 2007, naming it because they felt like they didn't fit in well with old bands, friends, and family, like BlackSheep. After gaining the members Jordan Caverly to play bass, Matt Kelly on keys, and the crazy Scott Brindley to play drums the band went on to make their debut album "As The City Sleeps". Since then they have gone on to make an acoustic EP and have a second album on the way.

!! Mary and the Black Lamb provides examples of:
* ConceptAlbum: "As The City Sleeps" they call the soundtrack to the band members life stories.
* CoverVersion: They have done a cover of Music/NineInchNails' ''[[Music/TheDownwardSpiral Closer]]'', Music/MarilynManson's ''Beautiful People'' and various others.
* GriefSong: Emily
* GothRock
* IndecipherableLyrics: Part of "Forgot You Now" is hard to understand because its being drowned out by a guitar solo and has a very static sound to it.
* MetalScream: Most of the lyrics Nixon sings are screamed in a death metally way.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: They are usually around 5 or 6 but some songs like Gone and Silence are around a 1 or 2
* NonAppearingTitle: Departed is the only song on the first album with out a title drop.
* SpokenWordInMusic: "Emily" has Lindz reenacting a phone call.