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Love Spirals Downwards were a DreamPop duo from California. It consisted of Ryan Lum and then girlfriend Suzanne Perry. Although they never achieved commercial success, their cult following for their first two studio albums: ''Idylls'' (1992) and ''Ardor'' (1994) have gained them an audience. Later on in the duo's existence, they focused more on Electronica experimentation, which some people argue is either better or worse than their original sound. They split in 1999 as Lum and Perry's relationship was souring.

Their original sound is quite unique, even for DreamPop. The vocals are a strange combination of Music/{{Enya}} and Liz Frasier from Music/CocteauTwins. The music sounds like a mix between Music/MyBloodyValentine and Music/DeadCanDance. It's definitely out there, but still awesome.

They are sometimes mistaken as a NewAge band, and while their music (as stated above) has some NewAge qualities, it's mostly DreamPop. Oh, and Perry's voice is one of the prettiest voices out there.


Love Spirals Downwards contains examples of the following tropes:

* DreamPop -- Their original sound when they started.
* ElectronicMusic -- They changed to DrumAndBass for their last two albums.
* IndecipherableLyrics -- To the point where you think they're singing in a different language. All it takes is Google to clear up that doubt, though.
* MelismaticVocals -- Perry loved this type of singing.
* NewSoundAlbum -- 1996's Ever introduced them into the Electronica sound.
* SopranoAndGravel -- Crossed over into this every now and then.
* SweetDreamsFuel -- Like most DreamPop, you can fall asleep to this.