Kisaki is a Japanese VisualKei HardRock[=/=]HeavyMetal musician and [[RecordProducer producer]]. He has worked with many other Japanese rock bands, including [[Music/DirEnGrey La:Sadie's]], Syndrome and Phantasmagoria. As record producer of [[UnderCode UNDER CODE PRODUCTION]], a sub-label of FREE-WILL, he has produced material for many bands in the VK scene.

While he is known for being a prolific composer and record producer, he has had a tumultuous musical career, marked by numerous unlucky moments and mishaps; after his split with La:Sadie's, he formed numerous musical projects, which gained little mainstream success and suffered disbandments. His label, UnderCode Production, was particularly notorious for its similar-sounding and equally short-lived bands, before it went bankrupt in 2013 - leading all of the bands on it to either disband or scramble for new labels.

!Bands Associated with Kisaki [[HighTurnoverRate (Partial List)]]:
* Levia (1993-1994)
* SHEY≠DE (04/1994-07/1994)
* Kisaki Project (1994; 2002-2004; 2006-2007)
* La:Sadie's/Music/DirEnGrey (1996-1997)
* MIRAGE (1997-2000)
* Syndrome (2000-2002)
* Phantasmagoria (2004-2007)
* Lin -the end of corruption world- (2010-present)

!! Other associated acts
* Music/TheGazette (signed to Matina before moving to PS Company)
* Megaromania (signed to Under Code)
* Nega (signed to Under Code)
* Heisei Isshin (signed to Under Code)
* Vidoll (once signed to Under Code, disbanded 2011)
* 12012 (once signed to Under Code before moving to Creator/FreeWillRecords)

!Labels ran by Kisaki
* Matina
* Creator/UnderCodeProductions

!Kisaki Provides Examples of:
* AmbiguousGender: One of VisualKei's finest examples, along with Bou of Music/AnCafe, Music/{{Hizaki}} of Music/{{Versailles}} and both Toshiya ans Shinya of Music/DirEnGrey.
* AttentionWhore: Highly notorious among VisualKei fans for [[PlayingSick his]] [[MunchausenSyndrome attempts]] to gain sympathy...
* BlatantLies: In one episode of Munchausen by Proxy Server, he stole ''other people's hospital pictures'' and posted them as his own.
* BornUnlucky: Kisaki suffers from one of the [[HighTurnoverRate highest turnover rates]] of any popular VisualKei musician. He has worked with many more bands aside from those listed above.
* CostumePorn: [[http://image.hotdog.hu/user/M-ancika/kisaki.jpg Nuff said]].
* DramaQueen: Arguably the Visual scene's ''Medical'' DramaQueen, in competition with Yoshiki.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: He pulls off the look to rather epic results.
* DyeHard: Usually, he has black , pink and red hair similar to Music/{{hide|toMatsumoto}}'s, but he has also had his hair dyed purple, brown, blonde and orange, among others.
* {{Expy}}: While he does have his own Visual styles, he is well-known as one of the most blatant Music/{{hide|toMatsumoto}} clones in the active scene. Not only that, his bandmates from Music/{{Phantasmagoria}} were also notable for cloning Visual Shock-era musicians.
** The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION bands were not only clones of Visual Shock bands, but they were also known for copying ''each other'' in terms of visuals, and are also known for sounding like obvious Music/DirEnGrey copies.
* FollowTheLeader: He went from shaping La:Sadie's sound and image to imitating his [[Music/DirEnGrey ex-bandmates]] who are now Japan's biggest modern HeavyMetal outfit.
* HighTurnoverRate: Again, Kisaki's career is infamous for the number of bands that have broken up under his leadership.
* IAmTheBand: Refer to the list above.
* MockMillionaire: For a long while he claimed to be richer than he was, and Under Code Production's financials to be absolutely fine. The only problem with this strategy happened when multiple bands demanded payment ''and'' the [[IntimidatingRevenueService tax authorities]] came calling - finding Kisaki to be near bankrupt.
* MunchausenSyndrome / PlayingSick: While he ''did'' suffer one near-fatal illness, he has also suffered this (as well as the "Munchausen by Proxy Server" variant) in that he has made himself sick and faked illnesses, surgeries, and hospital stays simply to get sympathy or to get his bands/creditors/whomever to hold off on demanding payment.
* NobodyLovesTheBassist: Many UNDER CODE PRODUCTION fans like him, but it seems like the bands who have worked with him don't. Kaoru of Music/DirEnGrey, in fact, ejected him from the band before their successful start, because he didn't want the band to debut yet.
** He is starting to retroactively get this, due to his failure in keeping Creator/UnderCodeProductions active despite the label's success as the only neo-Visual Shock label, as well as his poor band management skills.
* RevolvingDoorBand: Taken to the LogicalExtreme. He has gone through ''entire bands'' and is expected to go through more.
* ThePeteBest: Kisaki is this to Music/DirEnGrey, and every other band he has worked with since.
* TheJinx: Not only did the curse of unstable band lineups befall him, but it also affected ''every single band'' who worked under UnderCode production. Eventually the label itself was dissolved in early 2013.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: He is a highly proficient bass player, being able to player faster, heavier and more complex basslines than current Music/DirEnGrey bassist Toshiya (who can only come close in some songs). But had he allowed the band to debut early, he would have, alongside the band, acquired the attention of Music/YoshikiHayashi, brought to the forefront of the VK scene, and had a more stable musical career. He would have become very popular among the international metal scene as a bass virtuoso. Sadly, he didn't.
** He is also known as one of the few modern VK artists who still showcase the Visual Shock style; had he established a more stable and more successful musical career, he could have revived and popularized the classic image and attitude that 1980s - late 1990s bands were known for.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: He pulls off the female look so well that even [[StupidSexyFlanders straight male fans]] find him [[DudeLooksLikeALady beautiful]].
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Pink Hair]]