[[caption-width-right:350:Love Yourself]]

Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a [[CanadaEh Canadian]] pop/R&B singing sensation. He is so popular on Website/{{Twitter}}, that at any given time, his name was likely to be a trending topic there, until Twitter changed "trends" to favor novelty over popularity.

!! Discography:
* ''My World EP'' (2009)
** ''[[UpdatedRerelease My Worlds]]'' (2010)
* ''My World 2.0'' (2010)
* ''[[ChristmasSongs Under the Mistletoe]]'' (2011)
* ''Believe'' (2012)
* ''[[NewSoundAlbum Purpose]]'' (2015)

!!This singer provides examples of:

* AngryDance: In the video for "[[http://vevo.ly/22UN7V Love Yourself]]", a couple's passive-aggressive fighting over tiny things--hogging the blanket, making the bed, one closing the refrigerator just as the other tries to look in it--is elaborately choreographed.
* TheCasanova: Has romanced SelenaGomez, MileyCyrus, Sofia Richie, Barbara Palvin, Hailey Baldwin, Jasmine Villegas, Bronte Blampied. He has also flirted with Music/{{Rihanna}} numerous times, only to be denied.
* ChildPopstar: "Never Say Never" featured clips from videos dating back to kindergarten which showed him singing and playing various instruments. He also became famous at age 16.
* DeathByCameo: He appears at the beginning of ''Film/Zoolander2'' just to be killed off.
* ImportantHaircut: He cut off his iconic hairstyle in 2011 before inverting it by outgrowing and bleaching his hair in 2015 and most recently, sported a buzz cut since mid 2016.
* MadBomber: Justin had a guest role on ''Series/{{CSI}}'' as a serial killer and serial bomber.
* TheMovie: A 3D documentary on him, ''Justin Bieber: Never Say Never'' was released in theaters in 2011.
* PeripheryHatedom: He has been known for a widespread of hate (though there are valid reasons)
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Again, his role on ''CSI''. It was actually quite terrifying and got him an award.
* TeenIdol: A very well-known one
* VocalEvolution: Sometime in late 2011, his voice started to deepen a little. WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows made note of this in his review of "Mistletoe". By 2015, it shows.