[[caption-width-right:350:Presenting Jupiter, now with 80% more Music/{{Versailles}}.[[note]]Left to right: Teru, Masashi, Zin, Yuki, and Hizaki.[[/note]]]]

Jupiter is a Japanese {{Symphonic|Metal}} PowerMetal band formed in April 2013 by guitarists Music/{{Hizaki}} and Teru, drummer Yuki, bass guitarist Masashi, members of the popular Japanese metal band Music/{{Versailles}}, plus a new vocalist, Zin.

Jupiter continues to showcase much of the VisualKei style previously seen in Music/{{Versailles}}: androgynous aesthetics; fancy, elaborate costumes; and eye-catching performances.

The band released their first single, "Blessing of the Future", in July 2013, through Universal Music. Their debut album, ''Classical Element'', was released in August of that year. Their second album, ''The History of Genesis'', was released in January 2015. It was also Jupiter's last album with Yuki and Masashi as they left the band in April 2016.

Later in 2016, Jupiter released their sixth single, "The spirit within me", with Cross Vein bassist Shoyo and former Roach drummer Daisuke as support members. The following year, they released their first mini-album, ''Tears of the Sun'', with Daisuke promoted to full-time member and former Killaneth bassist Rucy replacing Shoyo.

[[JustForFun/IThoughtThatWas Not to be confused with]] [[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster Project Jupiter]].

* Zin - Vocals
* Music/{{Hizaki}} - Lead Guitar
* Teru - Guitar
* Daisuke - Drums (2017–present, support in 2016)
* Rucy - Bass (2017–present)

* Masashi - Bass (2013–16)
* Yuki - Drums (2013–16)
* Shoyo - Bass (2016–17, support)

* "Blessing of the Future" (2013)
* "Last Moment" (2014)
* "Arcadia" (2014, limited single)
* "Koori no naka no Shoujo"[[note]]The Girl Inside the Ice[[/note]] (2014, limited single)
* "Topaz" (2015)
* "The spirit within me" (2016)

* ''Classical Element'' (2013)
* ''The History of Genesis'' (2015)
* ''Tears of the Sun'' (2017, mini-album)

!Tropes applying to Jupiter and its members:
* {{Adorkable}}: Hizaki and Teru.
* AlbumIntroTrack: [[SarcasmMode Creatively]] titled "Introduction".
* AmbiguousGender: Everyone except Masashi. Teru fits this trope to a T. Hizaki speeds right past into DudeLooksLikeALady territory.
* BadassCape and BadassLongcoat: Masashi, Yuki and Zin wear these.
* TheBandMinusTheFace. Jupiter is just Music/{{Versailles}} with a new name and a new vocalist.
* BareYourMidriff: Teru
* {{Bishonen}}: Everyone. Nuff said.
** {{Biseinen}}: Masashi
* CastFullOfPrettyBoys
* ColorCodedCharacters: Interestingly, the members chose to avert this, as opposed to what was previously seen in Music/{{Versailles}}.
* CostumePorn: Considering that they're a spin-off of [[Music/{{Versailles}} one of]] the most [[BuffySpeak costume porn-y]] bands in [[VisualKei a scene whose entire shtick is costume porn]]...
* DarkerAndEdgier: Visually, compared to the bright and colorful aesthetics of Versailles. In terms of music, while it has a lot of similarities to Versailles, ''Classical Element'' in particular has more {{progressive|Metal}} influences and experimenting with different musical genres.
** "ALLEGORY CAVE" is this to their music in general; it's among Hizaki's harshest work, if not his harshest, due to it being rooted in MelodicDeathMetal.
** Their second album, containing tracks like "Darkness", "B.L.A.S.T." and bonus track "SACRED ALTAR" is even this to Jupiter's general sound.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: Hizaki and Teru. Both are/were particularly notable for this, especially Hizaki (due to his status as one of the [[WholesomeCrossdresser most convincing crossdressers]] in VisualKei).
* ElegantGothicLolita: Hizaki's current style.
* EpicRocking: "Classical Element", which is ''exactly'' 12 minutes long. The 8 minute title track of "The History of Genesis" also qualifies.
* HarshVocals: "Allegory Cave" is unusual (by the band's/Versailles' standards) for consisting of primarily harsh vocals with occasional clean vocals, instead of the other way around.
** The second album has "Darkness" that is dominated by harsh vocals. "B.L.A.S.T." and bonus track "SACRED ALTAR" also are quite heavy on the harsh approach.
* IAmTheBand: '''Inverted'''. Instead of only one man being the band, Jupiter consists of the members of Music/{{Versailles}} plus a new vocalist. And even if they didn't have a vocalist, they could still perform as a single unit.
* MohsScaleOfRockAndMetalHardness: Unsurprisingly, most of Jupiter's music clocks in around 6-8, with their {{Power Ballad}}s ("Nostalgie", "Luminous", "THE MOON"[[note]]5[[/note]], "forever with you" and "TOPAZ"[[note]]4[[/note]]) being lower on the scale. However, "Allegory Cave" and "Darkness" are a 9--noticeably harder than any of Versailles' music. "B.L.A.S.T." and "SACRED ALTAR" are borderline 9.
* PowerBallad: "Nostalgie", "forever with you", "Luminous", "THE MOON", "TOPAZ"
* RockMeAmadeus: [[CaptainObvious They're a]] SymphonicMetal [[CaptainObvious band.]] The title ''Classical Element'' is specifically a reference to this (as well as to the [[ElementalPowers classical elements]]).
* SurprisinglyGentleSong: See PowerBallad above.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Zin is occasionally accused of being one of these for Kamijo.
** Averted on their second album; while Zin always had a somewhat clearer timbre than Kamijo, he really explores the extremes of his voice on that album.
* TitleTrack: ''Classical Element'' and ''The History of Genesis''